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See professional CV examples for the most popular UK professions. The sample CVs have been written by certified CV writing pros—you can view the contents, get inspired, apply little tweaks, and have a pro-level CV ready in minutes.

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Why are our CV examples worth your time? It’s simple: they will help you land your next job faster.

Writing a CV nowadays is confusing, we get it. First, you have to make sure you pass an initial AI scan (yes, that’s correct, your CV will be reviewed by bots before it reaches their human overlords). To impress a human recruiter, your CV needs to stand out from hundreds of others. There are so many boxes you have to tick and you still feel you’re forgetting something… So why not let us help?

With LiveCareer’s CV examples, you can take the guesswork out of creating your CV. Find your profession on the list, see the sample CVs written by hiring experts, use them as a point of reference, get hired in no time. Simple as that.

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How to create a CV based on examples?

First of all, don’t do mindless copypasta. Our CV examples have been carefully crafted by certified CV writers but, at the end of the day, they’re just that: examples. You should use them as a point of reference while tailoring every CV you send out to the job on offer—it’s the single most effective job-hunting strategy.

Make sure your experience, skills, and personal profile match the requirements from the job ad. Also, make sure to add the right keywords. What are the right keywords? You guessed it, the ones included in the description of the position you’re considering. To learn more, see: How to Write a CV in 2021 (Examples)

Our CV maker comes with sample entries for every CV section (all tailored to your job title). But—

For your CV to have the greatest possible impact, you’ll need to apply little tweaks so that the contents actually reflect your achievements, metrics, and the qualities you want to highlight. Not to worry, though. With LiveCareer’s helpful wizard, you’ll make your job-winning CV in minutes.

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Sample CV anatomy

No matter your specific needs and the exact CV format you go for, your curriculum vitae has to include some mandatory sections—those that list the key information recruiters are after.

Sample CV

Here are the 6 parts every good CV should contain:

  1. 1Contact information: your full name, email address, phone number, LinkedIn profile. A physical address is optional, but if you’re professionally active on social platforms such as Twitter or Github, include those links too.
  2. 2Personal profile: a brief summary of your competencies, career achievements, and an offer of what you can do for the employer.
  3. 3Work history: a list of your past employers, in reverse-chronological order. In each entry, include the name of the company, your job title, and up to 8 bullet points summarizing your responsibilities and accomplishments.
  4. 4Education: include only the highest degree of education, list the name of the institution, your degree, and honors.
  5. 5Skills: the most relevant skills that prove you’ll be able to excel in the job. Limit yourself to 10 skills. Remember to include both hard and soft skills.
  6. 6Additional sections: anything that proves your worth and validates your skillset. Certifications, additional training, conferences, publications, or volunteer work.
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