Editorial Guidelines for Professional Career Advice

Inspiring mission and vision

LiveCareer provides free and trustworthy career resources that have guided millions of job seekers toward their fulfilling future. Since 2005, LiveCareer has been preparing expert articles with real-world examples and apt advice.

Our comprehensive CV help and cover letter help resources include numerous articles written by specialists who develop their expertise through a combination of professional experience, continuous research, and a deep understanding of an ever-evolving HR field.

Trusted team of experts

LiveCareer’s editorial team is formed by Certified Professional CV Writers, career experts, and adept editors. We’re National Career Development Association members and consistently seek input from experts in HR and related fields. We stay devoted to our professional development and provide the most relevant, up-to-date career guidance.

First-hand experience

Our writers come with first-hand experience in the hiring process, making them credible career coaches. We want to ensure you’re equipped with the right knowledge and confidence to meet your professional goals. That’s why we share our strongest competencies in key areas: writing an appealing CV and crafting a convincing cover letter.

A range of backgrounds

Besides HR, our career experts come from different backgrounds like education, marketing, or law, which help them approach the job search topic from different perspectives. Since they specialize in specific industries and sectors, they can provide tailored and well-informed advice.

Professional help

At LiveCareer, we’re attentive to your personal needs and career goals you want to reach using our competence. We’re committed to offering the advice you seek to help you promote your candidature and grow in a chosen direction.

Comprehensive editorial process 

What you see as a final article has been subject to numerous considerations, preparations, and revisions. Our articles go through a standardized editorial process cycle, which helps us maintain the high quality of our resources.


Our research starts with identifying relevant and compelling topics you may need in your work situation. This also involves researching current HR trends and industry updates. Before using any source, our writers evaluate its credibility and relevance.


We rely on industry-specific research reports and studies, professional associations’ resources, government websites, and surveys to ensure maximum credibility and accuracy. Each piece we share with you undergoes a thorough review by our main editor and competent staff.


While preparing our articles, we use a structured approach that combines expertise and effective communication techniques. Once we pick a timely topic for our article, we reach out to our dedicated, structured guidelines that help us keep consistency and maintain organization and focus. These are the key principles followed by our writers:

Key editorial principles

• Understanding: We strive to understand your emotions, motivations, and challenges, whether you’re a fresher or a mid-career professional. In our articles, we want to deeply comprehend and relate to your perspectives, experiences, and concerns, making our writing more accurate and impactful. Moreover, we’re eager to actively listen to your feedback that helps us refine and improve our content.

• Accuracy: We realize that CV inaccuracies can lead to lost job opportunities, and we don’t want that for you. We ensure that our CV tips and recommendations comply with all relevant standards and laws in your industry and country so that you can push aside any worries related to your CV's compatibility and correctness.

• Accountability: We’re responsible and transparent regarding the guidelines that we share. Our guides are consulted with trusted specialists in the field, and they undergo rounds of edits and amendments. This ensures that your CV is built on a solid foundation, uses verifiable information, and avoids confusion.

Quality check

Before a piece is published, it’s carefully reviewed by one of our professional editors, who keeps an eye out for inaccuracies and errors. This ensures that the final article you see is up to the highest standards and supports you along your career path.


The publishing team handles an article’s appearance and readability and takes care of the whole user experience you get to have when researching our blog. After pressing the publishing button, our guides are checked for search engine optimization compatibility, and this is to guarantee that you can find us quickly and easily.

Updates and corrections

Published articles are often updated or revised to reflect changes in the job market and align with the most current industry trends. Our writers actively seek feedback from readers and visitors, so they can improve their future guides and adjust them to your needs.

Valuable feedback 

We’re open to hearing and discussing your opinion. Each and every article ends with a comment section where you can leave feedback, ask questions, or share doubts. We love to engage with our readers and provide additional insights or clarifications when needed. If you don’t feel like sharing your personal feedback publicly, we encourage you to contact us at editorial@livecareer.co.uk.