Cover Letter Templates for Every Job

The cover letter templates you see below have been created with the help of recruiters and HR professionals. Whether you need a basic job cover letter template or want to get more creative, you will find a design perfectly suited to your situation. Pick a template, fill out some basic information about yourself and our wizard will auto-generate the contents. All you need to do is click ‘Download’—PDF and DOC formats available.

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Basic cover letter templates

If you work in education, academia, or a conservative field such as law, a basic cover letter template will be your safest choice. Pick one of the templates below if you want your cover letter to be elegant and simple.

Traditional cover letter templates

Traditional templates are ideal for job applications in corporate environments. Working in business & finance, sales, or office administration? One of these will work wonders for you.

Creative cover letter templates

These artistic, original designs will work great for job seekers in marketing, media, advertising, or the arts. The layout of our creative cover letter templates is easy-to-read and well-organised, but some bold design elements make the documents stand out visually.

Modern cover letter templates

The contemporary cover letters you see below are perfect for those candidates who work in technical fields. Pick one of our modern templates if you’re seeking employment in engineering, IT, or project management.

Different cover letter styles

You’ve already seen that there exist a few different types of cover letter templates. If you’re still not sure which one to go for, let’s break it down.


A basic cover letter template

A cover letter template with all the necessary elements and nothing else. Clean, uncluttered, elegant.

Why is a basic template a good choice?

  • Recruiters will appreciate the clarity.
  • It’s easy to read.
  • Makes you look serious and professional.
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A traditional cover letter template

Traditional cover letter templates are the most popular ones amongst our customers. Those designs are business-like and will help convey your professionalism.

What makes traditional cover letters so good?

  • They’re based on designs recruiters are most used to.
  • Help you make a statement without being pretentious.
  • Are very universal and will work for most job applications.
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A creative cover letter template

Creative templates are based on colors and strategic use of visual elements (notice the header).

The key benefits of creative templates:

  • They stand out visually.
  • Highlight your individuality.
  • Will be a breath of fresh air for recruiters.
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A modern cover letter template

A modern cover letter template is one that follows current hiring practices. The one you can see on the left features a fancy font pairing and is based on a very minimalistic design.

Modern cover letter templates are great because they:

  • Make you come across up-to-date with contemporary trends.
  • Are very sleek and tidy.
  • Use tons of white space to give recruiters some breathing room.
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Writer’s block? Our tool will write the cover letter for you.

Just follow these steps:

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The dos, and don’ts of cover letter writing


  • Match the cover letter to a specific job ad.
  • Make sure your layout is legible and your formatting professional.
  • Address the company to which you’re applying directly.
  • Proofread your cover letter to spot any spelling or grammar mistakes.


  • Repeat information from your CV.
  • Write about details irrelevant to your job application.
  • Focus on what you want out of the job.
  • Make any typos!

For the final word: cover letter alone won’t land you the gig!

A cover letter won’t be enough to land a job, and you know it. You also need a pitch-perfect CV. In an ideal world, one that matches the design of your cover letter. And that’s exactly what you’ll get from the LiveCareer CV maker!

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