1. 6 Short Cover Letter Samples & How to Write One

6 Short Cover Letter Samples & How to Write One

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Sometimes, you need to write a short and concise cover letter. No bells, no whistles, few words, maximum effect. There are many reasons for this: maybe the job advert specified a short cover letter, you have 17 applications to send out today, or you don’t like writing.

These are all valid reasons. The trick to writing a short cover letter is not to cut anything out that could cost you that interview. There’s no point in sending a cover letter that’s not exactly as effective as you can possibly make it. Read on to uncover professional short cover letter examples for the UK and plenty of useful advice.

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6 short cover letter examples for UK jobs

#1 Short cover letter for an accountant

Francesca Bennett

62 Hertingfordbury Rd


NP10 7PR

070 2222 2222


18th January 2024

Donna Williams

Deputy Head of Accounting

JC Debt Consolidation

28 Hope Street


S4 2PL

Dear Donna,

With 5+ years in the industry, I am excited to submit my application for the recently opened management accountant position at JC Debt Consolidation. My experience has equipped me with the skills to prioritize projects, determine key project requirements, and maintain a meticulous approach to detail.

As an experienced management accountant, I’ve generated 40+ management accounts for the senior management team and directors of BSD Group monthly. Throughout my tenure at BSD Group, I achieved significant milestones, including maintaining an impressive 83% accuracy in short-term cash-flow forecasts. Additionally, I successfully prepared over 350 VAT returns, demonstrating an exceptional error rate of 0.2% overall.

I look forward to finding out more about how I can help JCDC continue to grow its business responsibly. Thank you for your consideration. Please do not hesitate to call or email if you have any questions in the meantime.

Yours Sincerely,

Francesca Bennett

#2 Short cover letter for a nurse

Niamh Marshall

82 Wartnaby Rd



078 7646 5070


18th January 2024

Zoe Rowe

Director of Nursing

Northampton General Hospital




Dear Zoe,

With 3 years of dedicated experience as a nurse, I am eager to apply for the nursing position at Northampton General Hospital. My commitment to patient care and RN licence make me an ideal candidate for this role.

During my tenure at Cooley Dickinson Hospital, I played a key role in the oncology unit, where I introduced a patient education program, resulting in a notable 18% improvement in treatment adherence. This accomplishment underscores my nursing expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional patient care.

I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to bring my skills and dedication to the oncology department at Northampton General Hospital. I am available for an interview to discuss further how my contributions can enhance your team's success.

Yours Sincerely,

Niamh Marshall

#3 Short cover letter for a teacher

Danielle Webb

68 Kendell Street


SG17 0NY

079 0047 1570


18th January 2024

Leah Patel


Shefford Lower School


SG17 5XA

Dear Leah,

With a strong foundation in elementary education and a proven track record of two years as an elementary teacher, I am excited to express my interest in the teaching position at Shefford Lower School. My dedication to fostering a welcoming learning environment, executing effective planning, and showcasing excellent communication skills align perfectly with the role's demands.

In my prior position at Campton Elementary School, I successfully implemented a comprehensive teaching plan that enforced student engagement and academic performance. As a result, my students achieved an 18% improvement in standardised test scores over the academic year. Furthermore, I actively collaborated with parents through interactive workshops, strengthening the home-school connection, which resulted in a 25% increase in parental involvement and support.

I am enthusiastic about bringing my passion for teaching to Shefford Lower School. I am available for an interview at your convenience to discuss how I can contribute to the success of your school. I look forward to the opportunity to further elaborate on my qualifications.

Yours sincerely,

Danielle Webb

#4 Short cover letter for a fresh graduate

David Osborne

86 Crown Street



077 1098 9264


18th January 2024

Tyler Ingram

Restaurant Manager

Food & Fork

Leicester Square



Dear Tyler,

I am reaching out to express my sincere interest in the part-time server position at Food & Fork Restaurant, driven by my recent graduation and willingness to support your exceptional team. My strong communication skills, positive attitude, and dedication to customer satisfaction make me an ideal candidate for this role.

During my academic journey, I refined my communication abilities through group projects and presentations, consistently receiving positive feedback on my clarity and effectiveness. As a result, I graduated with honours, showcasing my commitment to excellence in all aspects of my endeavours. In my extracurricular activities, I actively participated in event planning committees, where my positive attitude and teamwork contributed to the success of 3 significant college events. 

I am eager to bring my fresh perspective to Food & Fork restaurant as a part-time server. I look forward to the opportunity to describe my qualifications in more detail and explore how I can contribute to the success of your venue. Could we please schedule a call or a meeting to further discuss this?

Yours sincerely,

David Osborne

#5 Short cover letter for a sales assistant

Muhammad Marsden

75 Grey Street


SY16 9EE

077 1715 0643


18th January 2024

Jake Bates

Store Manager

Statement Wardrobe

83 Graham Road



Dear Jake,

With a year of hands-on experience as a sales assistant and a proven track record of delivering exceptional customer service, I am excited to apply for the sales assistant position at Statement Wardrobe. My commitment to providing outstanding customer service and efficiently handling customer queries aligns seamlessly with the role's requirements.

During my previous employment at Fashion Emporium, I played a key role in implementing strategies that resulted in a notable 15% increase in positive customer feedback. My ability to address customer queries promptly and effectively contributed to a 20% reduction in query resolution time, showcasing my commitment to efficient customer service. Moreover, I actively engaged with customers to understand their preferences and needs, leading to a 25% boost in upselling complementary products. 

I am eager to bring my customer-focused approach and proven ability to handle queries efficiently to Statement Wardrobe as a sales assistant. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss how my skills and achievements align with the needs of your team.

Yours sincerely,

Muhammad Marsden

#6 Short cover letter for an internship

Andrew Rees

75 Rowland Rd



077 3316 3319


18th January 2024

IT Manager

Mason Jordan

Code Wizards

54 Osborne Road


LE17 2RA

Dear Mason,

With a passion for technology and a strong academic foundation, I am thrilled to apply for the IT Support Associate internship position at Code Wizards. My ability to excel in a fast-paced and rapidly changing environment and my independent decision-making skills make me an ideal candidate for this role.

During my academic pursuits, I undertook a challenging project where I was responsible for revamping the IT infrastructure of our university's computer lab. By implementing efficient troubleshooting protocols and proactive maintenance measures, I successfully reduced system downtime by 30%. Throughout my recent internship at Tech Innovators Ltd., I played a pivotal role in streamlining the helpdesk support system and contributed to a 22% increase in the resolution of user issues within the first hour.

I am eager to bring my hands-on experience, adaptability to change, and ability to make independent decisions to Code Wizards. I am available for an interview at your earliest convenience to discuss how my skills and achievements align with your team's specific needs.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the opportunity to contribute to your organization's success.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Rees

How to write a short cover letter for the UK

Seeing professional short cover letter samples can help you get the gist of the process. However, having instructions you can rely on is even better. Follow the steps below and learn how to write a cover letter that’s short and concise:

1. Add a full header to your short cover letter

The header is completely fixed by the rigours of the standard UK business letter format. It stays the same whether your cover letter’s short or long. Laying it out properly is a cinch, though:

  • Right-align: your full name, postal address, email, and phone number; leave a line and add the date of writing, then leave another line.
  • Left-align: the hiring manager’s / recruiter’s name, job title, company name, and the company’s postal address.

Short cover letter sample—header

Francesca Bennett

62 Hertingfordbury Rd


NP10 7PR

070 2222 2222


23rd November 2021

Donna Williams

Deputy Head of Accounting

JC Debt Consolidation

28 Hope Street


S4 2PL

You can adjust every cover letter created in the builder to meet the job requirements. Choose the name of your profession and the company to which you’re applying, and the builder will automatically adapt the content for you. Create a cover letter faster than you ever thought possible and apply for the job in record time.

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2. Use a standard salutation in your short cover letter

There’s no making something like a simple greeting any shorter. The best way to start your short cover letter is with ‘Dear’ + the recruiter’s first name. Should you feel uncomfortable addressing someone significantly more senior than you in this way, you can always go with ‘Dear’ + their title and surname.

Always use ‘Ms’ for women who don’t have an academic title (unless you’re sure she prefers ‘Miss’ or ‘Mrs’) and ‘Mr’ for men in the same boat. Stay gender-neutral if you’re not sure of someone’s gender—you can do this by using ‘Dear’ + their full name if you don’t want to use their first name only.

What should you do if you don’t know to whom you’re addressing the cover letter? The short answer is: find out. The more helpful answer is: revisit the advert for clues, snoop around the company website, lurk around on LinkedIn, and if all else fails, give them a call and ask. It’ll make a world of difference.

In the very unlikely event that you can’t put a name to the recruiter’s role, then your only option is to address them by their role. For example, ‘Dear Hiring Manager’ or, better yet, ‘Dear Accounting Team Hiring Manager’—the more specific, the better. Avoid ‘To Whom It May Concern’ like the plague.

Short cover letter sample—salutation

Dear Donna,

3. Keep your short cover letter opening to the point

Your opening paragraph is like walking into the room, maintaining steady eye contact, and introducing yourself in a loud, clear voice. It’s the first impression you make, so make it a good one. Focus on doing these three things:

  • Using the name of the company and the role to which you’re applying
  • Showing your enthusiasm for the job
  • Demonstrating what you could bring to the company and how you’re a good fit.

If you have relevant work experience to lean back on:

  • Start with an achievement (see below)
  • Show that it lines up with the company’s goals
  • Explain how this is relevant to the company’s situation (if need be).

If you don’t have much experience:

  • Start with your passion for the role and/or company
  • Include a relevant achievement if you can (from your studies or volunteer work, for example)
  • Include a belief statement through which you show that you’re a match for the company’s stated values and mission.

An achievement is basically a description of some of your actions at work and the benefits that flowed from those actions to your employer. These are often actions you take in response to a project, problem, or challenge. You can use something like the STAR (Situation-Task-Action-Result) method to help you generate achievements.

If you were referred to the role, then here is a good place to mention it. Having contacts and connections within the organisation is a good thing, and the fact that someone ‘on the inside’ thinks you should apply for the job also reflects well on you and suggests you might be a good match for the company.

This paragraph is usually between 40 and 80 words long—if you can do everything mentioned above using fewer words, then that’s even better.

Short cover letter examples for the UK—opening

With 5+ years in the industry, I am delighted to apply for the newly open management accountant position at JC Debt Consolidation. As an experienced management accountant, I produced 40+ management accounts for the senior management team and directors of BSD Groupe monthly.

You don’t have to create any content yourself. The LiveCareer cover letter maker will automatically suggest the best content for your cover letter with ready-made examples and expert tips.

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4. Showcase your achievements in a short cover letter

Aside from introducing you and accompanying your CV, showcasing your achievements is what a cover letter is for. This is the main part of your short cover letter. It can be one or two paragraphs long, but perhaps limiting yourself to a single paragraph will help keep your cover letter shorter.

The idea here is to show the recruiter what you have to offer their company by describing benefits you already brought to your current/previous employer. This is exactly like what you did in your opening paragraph, but more. Include 2–4 relevant and quantified achievements. Use bullet points to save space.

This part is usually 120–200 words long. The example below is packed with four fully-quantified accomplishments and comes in at a lightweight 68 words so that it can be done. Don’t skimp on words in this section, though—invest the time and energy to really polish your achievements.

Short cover letter main body paragraph example

My other accomplishments while working for the BSD Group include:

  • Maintaining 83% accuracy in my short-term cash-flow forecasts (and 68% when including long-term forecasts)
  • Preparing over 350 VAT returns with only easily reversible errors and an error rate of 0.2% overall
  • Increasing the bookkeeping function’s efficiency by 18-27%, mainly through automation
  • Passing 100% of internal and external audits with no items requiring further attention.

5. Write a short cover letter wrap-up and drop in a CTA

In the last paragraph of your short cover letter sample, wrap up your achievements by tying up any loose ends. Link your accomplishments back to benefits you could bring to the company you’re applying to. This can be subtle and indirect, just as long as you don’t leave any accomplishments hanging with no obvious link to the company you’re applying to.

Thank your reader for considering your application. It’s good manners and could really work in your favour. Be sure to include a clear call to action (CTA), too. Express your eagerness to participate in an interview and perhaps take the initiative and offer a phone conversation as the next step.

This part is usually 40–60 words long, not including the thank-you and CTA. The short cover letter sample closing paragraph below is 40 words total.

Short and simple cover letter closing paragraph with CTA

I look forward to finding out more about how I can help JCDC continue to grow its business responsibly. Thank you for your consideration. Please do not hesitate to call or email if you have any questions in the meantime.

6. End your short cover letter with the right sign-off

It’s very much downhill from here, nothing’s easier than signing off. You only have two options to end your cover letter, and the choice is clear and simple:

  • Use ‘Yours sincerely’ if you addressed the cover letter to a particular person by name
  • Use ‘Yours faithfully’ if you didn’t, e.g. if you used ‘Dear Hiring Manager’ instead. 

Short cover letter example sign-off

Yours sincerely,

Francesca Bennett

What else to remember when writing a short cover letter?


Making your cover letter as short as possible doesn’t mean ignoring proportion entirely. This is a typical cover letter breakdown:

  • Opening paragraph: 60–80 words
  • Main body: 120–200 words
  • Closing paragraph: 40–60 words.

The short cover letter example in this article might barely exceed 160 words in total, but the basic proportions are preserved: the main body paragraph is longer than both the opening and closing paragraphs, and the opening paragraph is longer than the closing paragraph. Aim to do the same in yours.

Even though you’re aiming for a word count of ‘as short as possible,’ your cover letter length should still be between half an A4 page and a single A4 page. With a shorter cover letter, you have the luxury of setting it out nicely. See ‘Making your layout clear and easy to follow’ below.

Matching the CV

Remember that your short cover letter and a CV are two parts of a single job application. The cover letter layout and overall look should reflect this fact. Use the same fonts, colours (if any), and general settings to clarify that these two documents go together.

Choosing an appropriate font

Don’t experiment with weird fonts. Making your font extra large or super small helps no one, least of all you. Keep to something tried-and-true, professional, and understated like Noto, Garamond, Arial, or even the default Liberation or Calibri. Lock font size at 11 or 12 points.

Making your layout clear and easy to follow

Keeping your cover letter short and concise has left you with much white space. Use it to your advantage: clearly separate your cover letter format into subsections. Don’t bunch your text up in single blocks when using additional paragraphs or bullet points to make it airy and easy on the eye.

Starting from scratch with every application

Copying and pasting the same short and simple cover letter and sending it out to different companies will be obvious to the people who have to read it, and they won’t be impressed. Write a new short cover letter for each job application. Research the company and show off your knowledge.

Sticking with PDF

Your cover letter might be short and sweet, but you’ve still put too much effort into it to have the formatting messed up by something like a *.docx file—use PDF unless explicitly asked for something else.

A cover letter alone simply won’t be enough—you need an impactful CV, too. Create your CV in minutes. Choose a professional CV template and quickly fill in every CV section using ready-made content and expert advice.

cv builder

Create your CV now

As you can see, you can shorten your cover letter without cutting anything vital from it. I hope this article has been helpful to you! Please leave your questions, comments, and any job-hunting adventures you’d like to share in the comments section below.

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