1. Pilot CV Template & Writing Guide for 2024

Pilot CV Template & Writing Guide for 2024

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Taking to the skies requires not just exceptional skill but also a standout CV to land your dream job as a pilot. In this article, you'll discover insightful tips and examples to craft a compelling pilot CV that showcases your expertise and passion for flying.

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Here’s a pilot CV example in a text version:

Pilot CV template

James Quinn

Commercial Pilot

[Phone no.] 123-456-7890 

Email: james.quinn@email.com 

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/james-quinn4183 

Personal Statement

Experienced and detail-oriented commercial pilot with over 2,000 hours of flight time, including international and domestic routes. Eager to bring my expertise in advanced navigation, safety procedures, and fuel-efficient flying techniques to Airborne Solutions UK Ltd. to enhance operational efficiency and safety. Achieved a 30% reduction in fuel consumption on long-haul flights through strategic flight planning and management.


Commercial Pilot

SkyHigh Aviation UK Ltd., London

January 2018–Present 

Key Qualifications & Responsibilities

  • Conducted pre-flight inspections to assess aircraft safety and ensure compliance with regulations. 
  • Executed domestic and international flights, adhering to strict timetables and safety protocols. 
  • Led junior pilots in navigational responsibilities, enhancing team skills and operational efficiency. 
  • Collaborated with the flight crew to ensure a high level of passenger satisfaction and safety. 

Key Achievement:

  • Spearheaded a project that reduced fuel consumption by 30% on long-haul flights, significantly cutting operational costs and carbon footprint.


Bachelor of Science in Aviation

University of Manchester, Manchester 

September 2013–June 2017 

Relevant extracurricular activities

  • Member of the University Flight Simulation Club 
  • Volunteered for Aviation Safety Awareness Programs 

Academic achievements

  • Graduated with First Class Honours 
  • Awarded the Dean's List for Outstanding Academic Achievement, all academic years 


  • Advanced navigation techniques 
  • Safety and emergency procedures 
  • Efficient fuel management 
  • Effective communication 
  • Leadership and teamwork 
  • Adaptive problem-solving 
  • Attention to detail 
  • Multitasking in high-pressure environments 


  • Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL), UK Civil Aviation Authority, 2018 
  • Crew Resource Management (CRM), FlightSafety International, 2019 


  • 2021, Safety Excellence Award, SkyHigh Aviation UK Ltd. 


Member of the British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA) since 2018 

  • Co-authored an article on "The Future of Sustainable Flying" for BALPA's annual newsletter, 2022 


  • English—Native 
  • Spanish—Intermediate 


  • Volunteering for the Aviation Without Borders charity 
  • Participating in marathons to promote wellness and stress resilience among pilots

How to write a pilot CV 

When charting your course to a successful career in aviation, your CV plays an instrumental role. Below, we unfold the key components of a pilot CV that will help your application soar above the rest.

  • Personal statement:

Forge a captivating pilot CV personal statement that encapsulates your flying experience, project proficiency, landmark achievements, and career ambitions while zeroing in on what employers are seeking.

  • Job description:

Tailor your professional history to underline your expertise and major achievements. Draft 3 to 7 bullet points under principal categories showing your positions and the names of the companies. If freelance work or a career shift is in your plans, mull over a skills-oriented CV.

  • Education:

Bolster your pilot CV with an education section that highlights relevant qualifications as follows: [Degree Class] [Degree Name] (Year of Graduation) at [University Name]. If practical experience is scant, enrich this section with a list of accomplishments, outside school activities, and your strong suits.

  • Skills:

Construct a skills segment for your pilot CV with 6–10 key competencies. Skills needed for this role include leadership abilities, verbal communication, attention to detail as well as technical skills such as operating and controlling equipment.

  • Additional sections:

Enrich your pilot CV template with other sections to provide greater insight. Start with your pilot licenses. Then, select awards, certifications, or languages to underscore your adaptability and applicability. Conversely, leave out details like unrelated hobbies or interests to maintain the focus on what’s paramount.

  • Cover letter:

Augment your CV with a bespoke cover letter demonstrating your unique credentials and earnest interest in each role. Kick off with a succinct opening that recounts your years of experience and your suitability. Then, illustrate your core strengths and contributions. Wrap up your cover letter with a succinct remark expressing your enthusiasm for the company and a forward-looking call to action, encouraging them to peruse your portfolio and consider your candidacy.

  • Format:

Tinker with your pilot CV layout, ensuring readability through optimal font choice and sufficient blank space. Also, bear in mind the compatibility with applicant tracking systems by being mindful of the document format— to circumvent parsing issues with some systems, PDF might be best avoided unless specified otherwise.

A successful pilot's CV mirrors their ability to plan a course and fly towards their career goals with precision and confidence.

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Thank you for reading. Crafting a standout pilot CV is your first step to soaring in your aviation career. I invite you to use the comment section below with any questions or additional tips you might have regarding the pilot CV.

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