Best Examples of Hobbies and Interests To Put On Your CV 2022

The humble CV hobbies and interests section is underappreciated and underutilised. Some dismiss it as pointless, but when it’s used with thought and consideration it can be a powerful addition to your CV, particularly for candidates with less experience.


You’re about to learn how to best harness the power of hobbies and interests on your CV. On the way, you’ll get a list of examples to inspire you and discover which CV hobbies and interests are best to demonstrate specific skills and experience.


So put down whichever hobby you’re busy with now and take five minutes to see how to turn it into job-hunting success.


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Hobbies and interests CV example


Highly knowledgeable e-commerce consultant with 4 years of experience in helping clients maximise sales. Specialist in Amazon SEO and SEM with a keen eye for listing optimisation. Aiming to help Solon Solutions continue its reputation for excellence in growing its clients’ revenue.


Work Experience


E-Commerce Consultant

Optipower Consultants, London

July 2016—Present

  • Directly managed 12 client accounts for businesses with annual turnover ranging from £200,000 to £3.5 million.
  • Optimised Amazon advertising campaigns to bring ACoS below 30% for 95%+ of client campaigns.
  • Identified flaws and optimisation opportunities in client listings to improve clients’ product rankings to first page of SERPs.
  • Worked collaboratively with clients to create fresh, bespoke sales-generating visuals for listings.
  • Took advantage of the power of promotions and seasonality to drive up client revenues by an average of 35% per annum.




BSc in Business and Management, September 2013–June 2016

University of Middlesex




  • SEO. Specialist Amazon SEO, optimising titles and listing text and winning lucrative long tail keywords.
  • SEM. Advanced user of Amazon advertising and proficient in Facebook adverts.
  • Photoshop. Able to fully optimise and enhance product photography through retouching and introduction of logos and other graphical elements.
  • Customer service. Maintaining constant communication with clients to mentor, guide and advise.
  • Teamwork. Collaborating with colleagues in design, technical and sales teams to maintain a seamless 360-degree service for customers.


Hobbies and Interests


  • Blogging. Created ‘E-Seller UK’, a blog on UK specific e-commerce news and developments.
  • Painting. Keen landscape painter with a passion for seaside scenery.


1. Should you put hobbies on a CV?


Yes, putting your hobbies and interests on a CV is a great way of making your job application stand out. With a little care and attention, you can really give your CV a boost. What’s more, it adds personalisation. It can be all too easy to be just another CV on the pile, but demonstrating interests outside of work helps you to stand out as a unique individual.


And if you have a hobby or interest that the hiring manager shares you get an even greater positive effect. It’s been proven that we’re drawn to people who are like-minded to ourselves. That means they’re more likely to think favourably of you as a candidate and you’ll be able to build a rapport if you meet in person.


Hobbies and interests are particularly useful if you’re early in your career. So if you’re writing a school-leaver CV or a CV with no experience, it’s definitely worthy of inclusion. More caution is needed when applying for more senior posts though.


The problem is, the more experienced you are, the longer your CV gets. And you should only be writing a one or two-page CV so it might not make sense to squeeze in hobbies and interests at the expense of other more important skills and experience. That said though, if it’s particularly relevant or helps you build a relationship with the hiring manager, it’s worth considering. 


And interestingly, a hobbies and interests section is often recommended for a medical CV. Being such an intense and all-consuming career, it’s recommended to show you’re well-balanced with pursuits outside of work. Proof positive that hobbies and interests on a CV aren’t just for entry-level jobs.


So now you know how useful interests and hobbies are for your CV, let’s take a look at how to include them.


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2. What are the best hobbies and interests to put on a CV + examples


So where do you put hobbies and interests on your CV? That’s the easy part, this is an optional CV section so it goes last, after your CV skills section. Use ‘Hobbies and Interests’ as the section heading and you’re good to go.


We’ll discuss exactly how to write this section shortly, but first, we’ll look at some hobbies and interests CV examples. None of these are too bizarre, if your hobbies and interests are too odd then they’re likely to put off the recruiter. The key is to be relatable and relevant.


Because ultimately, you’re not doing this just for fun. Choosing wisely can help show you have skills and achievements that are directly relevant to the job too. The following examples demonstrate this perfectly.


List of hobbies and interests for your CV—top 10 examples


  1. Team sports
    Demonstrates teamwork but also leadership and strategic skills. Working effectively with others lies at the very heart of soft skills, which are considered crucial for success in employment.

  2. Painting
    Shows creativity and design skills. Perfect for jobs in creative industries such as in a graphic design CV.

  3. Reading 
    A good way of showing that you’re intelligent and a keen learner. But be specific about what you enjoy reading, otherwise, it can seem a bit vague.

  4. Blogging
    An increasingly popular hobby, it goes without saying that it shows off your written communication skills. But it can also show you’re a subject matter expert. A great choice for people writing a career change CV and looking to turn their blogging interest into paid work.

  5. Yoga
    Not as strange as you may think, yoga and meditation are looked on favourably by HR professionals, because it shows you are calm, focussed and in control. An excellent choice for applying for high-pressure jobs.

  6. Gaming
    Used with care it can be a fantastic addition to your CV, especially for tech jobs. Playing games has proven cognitive benefits so dismiss it at your peril.

  7. Travelling
    Another popular CV interest, travel shows broad-mindedness, extroversion and a desire to learn new things.

  8. Playing a musical instrument
    Proves dedication, perseverance and self-motivation.

  9. Public speaking
    Demonstrates verbal communication skills, persuasiveness and confidence. Particularly effective for sales, marketing, customer service and leadership roles.

  10. Running
    Including running on your CV shows determination, perseverance and competitiveness.


Those were just a few hobbies and interests CV examples. There just isn’t enough room to list them all. The key to choosing is to ensure the hobby or interest you choose is relevant to the job in question.


And it’s worth noting that hobbies and interests that demonstrate soft skills are a particularly powerful choice. A report by LinkedIn found that 92% of hiring managers consider soft skills to be as important or more important than hard skills. 


The best way of deciding what to include on your CV is to look at the job advert to see what skills and experience are mentioned and choose a hobby/interest that targets those requirements. It’s also worth including if it demonstrates a desirable general skill, like teamwork. But if it’s completely irrelevant, don’t include it. For example, gaming probably wouldn’t be a good idea if you were writing a CV for a chef.


So if it’s relevant and helps expand on your skills and experience, include it. But if in doubt, leave it out. Which brings us nicely onto our next section.


What CV hobbies and interests shouldn’t be included


Made-up hobbies


If you don’t have any relevant CV interests and hobbies then don’t be tempted to make them up. You might just find your interviewer is a passionate fan of that particular hobby and get found out when your lack of knowledge becomes apparent.


Dangerous or time-consuming interests


Most employers do not want employees who are likely to suffer serious injury or take excessive time off work to pursue their interests. Base jumping and Arctic exploration are not recommended for example.


Controversial hobbies and interests


Remember, the aim is to build rapport, not repel people. Avoid interests related to politics, or anything with a sexual or religious element. If it generates a negative response, then it’s best left off your CV.


How to write your hobbies and interests CV section


You could just include a list of hobbies and interests on your CV, but that’s not the most effective way of using them to your advantage. Start off by limiting yourself to a couple of hobbies and interests at most, your CV length is limited after all. And don’t just list them, write a brief description for each. Here’s how it should look.


How to list hobbies and interests on your CV—example


Hobbies and Interests


  • Blogging. Created ‘E-Seller UK’, a blog on UK specific e-commerce news and developments.
  • Painting. Keen landscape painter with a passion for seaside scenery.


And that’s all there is to it. Hobbies and interests on your CV are a great idea, as long as you use them appropriately, ensure that they’re relevant and that they help to show you off as a well-rounded person and skillful potential employee.


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Thanks for reading. If you still have any doubts about which hobbies and interests to put on your CV then please ask in the comments section and we’ll be happy to help.

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