1. Nursery Nurse CV Example for UK Jobs (+ Writing Tips)

Nursery Nurse CV Example for UK Jobs (+ Writing Tips)

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Crafting the perfect curriculum vitae as a nursery nurse can feel like piecing together a jigsaw puzzle where each component tells a story of care, dedication, and educational support. In this article, we unravel the mystery of creating a compelling nursery nurse CV, offering insights, examples, and strategic pointers to make your application stand out.

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Here’s a nursery nurse CV template in a text version:

Nursery nurse CV example

Abigail Yoder

Nursery Nurse

[Phone no.] 123-456-7890 

[Email] abigail.yoder@email.com 

[LinkedIn] linkedin.com/in/abigail-yoder2005 

Personal Statement

Compassionate and dedicated nursery nurse with over 5 years of experience in providing exceptional care and creating a safe, stimulating environment for young children. Eager to bring my expertise in early childhood education, along with my strong interpersonal skills and commitment to fostering children's developmental milestones, to NurseryCare Solutions UK Ltd. Successfully implemented an innovative, play-based learning programme that resulted in a 30% improvement in language skills amongst preschoolers at TinyTots UK Ltd.


Nursery Nurse

TinyTots UK Ltd., Manchester

January 2019–Present 

Key Qualifications & Responsibilities

  • Designed and delivered a comprehensive play-based learning curriculum tailored to the developmental stages of children aged 0–5 years. 
  • Established and maintained a secure and nurturing environment, prioritising health and safety protocols. 
  • Fostered strong, trusting relationships with children, parents, and colleagues to create an inclusive, supportive community. 
  • Conducted regular assessments of children’s development and prepared detailed reports for parents and senior staff. 

Key Achievement:

  • Spearheaded the development and implementation of an innovative play-based learning programme that enhanced language skills in preschoolers by 30%. 


BSc in Early Childhood Studies

University of Manchester, Manchester 

September 2014–June 2018 

Relevant extracurricular activities 

  • Volunteered at local community centres, organising weekend educational play sessions. 
  • Member of the Early Childhood Education Society. 

Academic achievements 

  • Graduated with First Class Honours. 
  • Awarded 'Best Final Year Project' on the topic of play-based learning efficacy.


  • Proficient in child-centred learning approaches 
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills 
  • Knowledge of EYFS statutory framework 
  • Advanced first aid trained (Paediatric First Aid, British Red Cross, 2023) 
  • Skilled in creating inclusive learning environments 
  • Competent in using educational technology 
  • Effective at behaviour management 
  • Fluent in British Sign Language (Intermediate level) 


  • Paediatric First Aid, British Red Cross, 2023 


  • English—Native 
  • British Sign Language—Intermediate 


  • Volunteering at local community centres to provide educational play sessions 
  • Continuously engaging in professional development opportunities related to early childhood education and care 

How to write a nursery nurse CV 

Before blanketing potential employers with your CV, understanding the structure and content that make a nursery nurse CV compelling is crucial. We'll cover the fundamental sections, from the personal statement to the finer details, ensuring your CV resonates with your future employer.

  • Personal statement:

Craft a personal statement that captures your years of experience, specialties, most notable accomplishments, and professional aspirations, all while focusing on the needs of future employers. If you’re light on professional experience, you may try writing a CV objective.

  • Job description:

Tailor your work history to showcase your specialisation, key achievements, and relevant experiences. Include 3–7 bullet points under major roles you’ve held, listing job titles and companies. Freelancers or career changers should consider a skills-based CV.

  • Education:

Present your educational background in the format: [Degree Class] [Degree Name] (Year Graduated) at [University Name]. There are no specific entry requirements for nursery nurse positions, however, having a degree related to early childhood education is a strong asset.

  • Skills:

Equip your CV with a section for skills, listing both soft skills and relevant computer knowledge that aligns with what employers are looking for. What types of competencies can impress nursery managers? Knowledge of early childhood education, infant and early childhood psychology, and first aid are strong choices.

  • Additional sections:

Broaden your CV with sections that add depth to your profile. Choose to include awards, certifications, or language skills that demonstrate your adaptability and relevance. However, avoid incorporating unrelated hobbies or interests that may distract the recruiter from what truly matters.

  • Cover letter:

Your CV should be accompanied by a tailored cover letter that highlights your specific qualifications and keen interest in the role. Begin with a succinct introduction of your experience and suitability. Follow this with a paragraph explaining your key strengths and contributions. Close your cover letter with a statement of enthusiasm for the company and a call to action, prompting them to explore your portfolio further.

  • Format:

Play around with your nursery nurse CV format to ensure it's as readable as possible, making wise font choices and leaving plenty of white space. Ensure your document is compatible with applicant tracking systems by choosing the right file format, as some systems have issues with parsing PDF files.

With these tips in hand, your nursery nurse CV is set to showcase the very best of your professionalism and passion. Remember, a well-prepared CV can open doors to exciting career opportunities in childcare.

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