1. Chemist CV Example, Format, & Writing Guide

Chemist CV Example, Format, & Writing Guide

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Crafting a standout chemistry CV requires more than just a list of ingredients; it involves presenting your professional experience, achievements, and skills in a concoction that catches recruiters' eyes. In this article, you'll discover not only tips and structuring advice but also practical chemist CV examples to guide you through the process.

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Here’s a chemist CV example in a text version:

Chemist CV example

James Lawson


[Phone no.] 123-456-7890 

[Email] james.lawson@email.com 

[LinkedIn] linkedin.com/in/james-lawson9631 

Personal Statement

Highly analytical and detail-oriented chemist with over 5 years of experience in pharmaceutical and cosmetic chemistry. Excited to bring my expertise in product formulation and quality control to Chemical Solutions UK Ltd., aiming to drive innovation and uphold the highest standards of product safety and efficiency. Notably led a team that developed a groundbreaking, eco-friendly sunscreen formula that received the 2023 Green Chemistry Award.


Senior Chemist

LabWorks UK Ltd., London

January 2019–Present 

Key Qualifications & Responsibilities

  • Spearheaded the research and development of new skincare products, focusing on natural and sustainable ingredients. 
  • Implemented rigorous quality control measures to ensure products met and exceeded industry standards. 
  • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to optimise production processes, resulting in a 15% increase in efficiency. 
  • Conducted detailed market research to guide the direction of product development projects. 

Key Achievement:

  • Received the 2023 Green Chemistry Award for the development of an eco-friendly sunscreen formula. 


MSc in Chemistry

University College London, London 

September 2014–June 2016 

Relevant extracurricular activities 

  • Member of the University's Science Club, organising weekly discussions on the latest scientific research 
  • Volunteered as a mentor for undergraduate chemistry students 

Academic achievements 

  • Graduated with Distinction 
  • Winner of the 2016 Best MSc Thesis in Organic Chemistry 


  • Expert in chromatography, spectroscopy, and chemical synthesis 
  • Proficient in data analysis and statistical software (SPSS, R) 
  • Strong problem-solving and critical thinking skills 
  • Effective team leader and project manager 
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills 
  • Ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines 
  • Fluent in English, Intermediate French 


  • Health and Safety in the Laboratory, British Safety Council, 2020 


  • 2023, Green Chemistry Award, Royal Society of Chemistry 


Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry since 2018 

  • Regular contributor to the society's monthly newsletter, focusing on sustainable chemical practices 


  • English—Native 
  • French—Intermediate 


  • Active participant in community recycling initiatives 
  • Enjoys brewing craft beer, with a personal project focusing on the chemistry of fermentation

How to write a chemist CV

To create a compelling chemistry CV, start with understanding the elements that make it effective. Here, we break down the key components, from a captivating personal statement to showcasing your skills and qualifications.

  • Personal statement:

Craft a compelling CV summary that outlines your professional background, key projects you've led or contributed to, significant achievements, and career goals. There is a wide range of potential careers in chemistry, so make sure you’re staying relevant to the role you want.

  • Job description:

Tailor your work experience section to highlight your specialisation in chemistry, significant achievements, and pertinent experience. Use three to seven bullet points under clear headings for each job role, including your position and the organisation's name. For those self-employed or pursuing a career shift, a skills-based CV might be more effective.

  • Education:

Boost your chemist CV with an education section that lists relevant certifications and degrees in the format: [Degree Class] [Degree Name] (Year Graduated) at [University Name]. Supplement lack of practical experience with achievements, extracurricular activities, and domains of expertise.

  • Skills:

Formulate a skills section for your chemist CV, listing soft skills and relevant software expertise that respond to employer expectations. Essential skills for chemists include problem-solving competencies, analytical skills, and effective communication.

  • Additional sections:

Broaden your CV template with sections that add depth to your application. Choose from awards, certifications, or languages to showcase your versatility and relevance. Avoid including details like unrelated hobbies or interests to keep recruiters focused on what matters most.

  • Cover letter:

Enhance your application with a personalised cover letter that emphasises your unique qualifications and keen interest in the role. Begin with a concise introduction stating your experience and suitability, followed by a detailed paragraph of your strengths and contributions. Conclude your cover letter with a succinct statement of interest and a confident call to action, inviting them to review your portfolio and consider your candidacy.

  • Format:

Experiment with your chemist CV format, focusing on readability by selecting an appropriate font and ensuring sufficient white space. Also bear in mind compatibility with applicant tracking systems, steering clear of *.doc when possible as some systems may not parse PDFs efficiently.

Stride confidently towards your next opportunity armed with a CV that showcases your expertise and passion for chemistry. 

A strong CV summary will convince the recruiter you’re the perfect candidate. Save time and choose a ready-made personal statement written by career experts and adjust it to your needs in the LiveCareer CV builder.

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Thank you for the read, and don't hesitate to share your experiences or ask questions using the comment section below. We're excited to see where your chemist CV takes you!

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