1. Hairdresser CV Example & Writing Guide for 2024

Hairdresser CV Example & Writing Guide for 2024

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Crafting an eye-catching CV is much like styling a perfect haircut—it requires attention to detail, creativity, and an understanding of what highlights your best features.

In this article, we'll share practical tips and examples to help you set up a hairdresser CV that differentiates your work and skills from others in the booming beauty industry.

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Here’s a hairdresser CV sample in a text version:

Hairdresser CV sample

Evelyn Foster 

Phone: 209 517 4072 

Email: evelyn.foster@email.com 

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/evelyn-foster7709 

Personal Statement

Creative and dedicated professional hairdresser with 5+ years of experience in the fast-paced beauty industry. Eager to bring top-notch styling, cutting, and colouring techniques to SalonSense Services UK Ltd., with the aim of enhancing client satisfaction and loyalty. Proud of transforming over 300 clients' appearances and confidence levels at StyleStudio UK Ltd., elevating client retention by 40%. 

Work Experience

Senior Hairdresser 

StyleStudio UK Ltd., London 

January 2019–Present 

Key Qualifications & Responsibilities

  • Executed precision cutting, styling, and colouring techniques, resulting in a 20% increase in client retention and positive feedback.
  • Implemented eco-friendly hair care products, reducing chemical usage by 60% and enhancing salon sustainability efforts.
  • Conducted thorough client consultations, leading to a 95% client satisfaction rate and increased repeat business.
  • Mentored junior hairdressers, improving their skills in advanced styling techniques and customer service, leading to a 30% increase in client referrals.

Key Achievement:

  • Enhanced client retention by 40% through exceptional styling services and client relationship management. 


NVQ Level 3 Diploma in Hairdressing 

City & Guilds, London 

September 2016–June 2018

  • Awarded 'Best Creative Talent' in final year project. 
  • Achieved distinction in all practical assessments. 

Extracurricular activities 

  • Volunteered at local community centres, providing free haircuts and styling advice. 
  • Participated in hairdressing seminars and workshops to keep up with industry trends.


  • Haircuts & hairstyles techniques: Utilize haircutting, styling, and colouring techniques to create diverse looks tailored to individual clients.
  • Customer service & communication: Possess strong interpersonal skills, including attentive listening, clear communication, and personalized recommendations.
  • Product recommendation and sales: Assess client needs and recommend suitable products.
  • Knowledge of hair product chemistry: Demonstrate expertise in the chemical composition of hair products and effectively resolve product-related issues.
  • Problem-solving: Identify hair-related challenges with creative solutions to meet client expectations.
  • Teamwork and collaboration: Foster a positive salon environment through effective cooperation and mutual support.
  • Organization & time management: Prioritize tasks, manage appointments, and maintain salon schedules to ensure smooth operations.
  • Hairdressing trends and technologies: Follow industry trends and innovations to adopt the most modern and effective techniques and solutions.


  • 2022, Most Creative Hair Style Award, Style Awards UK 


  • L'Oréal Professional Colour Degree, L'Oréal Academy, 2020 


Member of the National Hairdressers' Federation since 2019 

  • A regular contributor to the federation's newsletter, sharing insights on sustainable hair care practices. 


  • English—Native 


  • Developing educational content for upcoming hairdressers on Instagram (5k followers).
  • Engaging in photography to capture and showcase hairstyle artistry.

How to write a Hairdresser CV

Creating an appealing hairdresser CV includes highlighting your styling skills, professional experience, and the personal touch you bring to each interaction. Follow these steps to trim and tailor your CV for the role you want to secure:

  • Personal statement: Write an engaging hairdresser CV summary that summarizes your years of experience, specialization in various styling techniques, noteworthy accomplishments, and the ambition you harbour for your career. At the same time, ensure your profile reflects the employer's needs.
  • Job description: Tailor your work history on the CV to exhibit your area of expertise, significant achievements, and applicable experience using the PAR formula. Under each role's heading, list 3 to 7 points detailing your job positions and the places of employment. For those freelancing or shifting careers, a skills-based CV is advisable.
  • Education: Elevate your hairdresser CV with an education segment that highlights relevant qualifications, structured as [Degree Class] [Degree Name] (Year of Graduation) at [University Name]. For less experienced individuals, enrich this section with a list of accomplishments, extracurricular involvements, and key strengths.
  • Skills: Construct a skills section for your hairdresser CV, listing soft skills and pertinent know-how that matches the expectations of potential employers. This segment reinforces your personal statement and job roles, showcasing your ability to meet the employer's needs, so avoid including unrelated skills.
  • Additional sections: Broaden your CV with extra sections to deepen its scope. Consider incorporating awards, certifications, or languages to underline your adaptability and relevance instead of detouring into unrelated hobbies or interests. These could detract from the recruiter's focus on what truly matters.
  • Cover letter: Elevate your CV with a personalized cover letter that highlights your unique qualifications and genuine interest in the role. Kick-off with a brief introduction that emphasises your years of experience and suitability for the position, followed by a paragraph that details your prime strengths and contributions. Conclude your cover letter with a short statement of your enthusiasm for the company and a confident call to action for them to review your portfolio and consider your application.
  • Format: Play around with your hairdresser's CV format, ensuring readability by selecting the appropriate font and leaving enough white space. Also, verify compatibility with applicant tracking systems by choosing the correct CV file format—steer clear of *.doc if unspecific, and opt for a PDF.

Remember, your CV is the first impression potential employers have of you. Make it count by showcasing your skills, experience, and personal flair.

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Thank you for taking the time to read our guide about writing a hairdresser CV. Do you have any questions or want to share your experiences? Please use the comment section below. We're excited to hear from you!

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