1. Gardener CV Example & Writing Tips

Gardener CV Example & Writing Tips

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Cultivating a career in gardening requires not only a green thumb but also a gardening CV that blooms with potential. In this article, you’ll discover tips and examples to craft a gardener CV that will help you stand out in the fertile job market of 2024.

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Here’s a gardening CV sample in a text version:

Gardening CV sample

Ellie Rodriguez


[Phone no.] 123-456-7890 

[Email] ellie.rodriguez@email.com 

[LinkedIn] linkedin.com/in/ellie-rodriguez7529 

Personal Statement

Detail-oriented and passionate gardener with over 5 years of experience in maintaining and revitalising gardens across various scales. Seeking to leverage my expertise in plant care, landscape design, and sustainable gardening practices at GardenCare Solutions UK Ltd. to enhance their green projects and contribute to environmental sustainability. Successfully designed a community garden in London that increased local biodiversity and provided fresh produce to the community. 



GreenThumb UK Ltd., London

March 2019–Present 

Key Qualifications & Responsibilities

  • Spearheaded the design and implementation of bespoke garden landscapes for residential and commercial clients. 
  • Implemented organic and sustainable gardening techniques, reducing chemical use by 40%. 
  • Conducted workshops on sustainable gardening practices for community members. 
  • Managed a team of junior gardeners, providing training and mentorship. 

Key Achievement:

  • Successfully designed and implemented a community garden in London that became a model for biodiversity and sustainability. 


BSc in Horticulture

University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh 

September 2015–July 2018 

Relevant extracurricular activities 

  • President of the Gardening Club, leading initiatives for campus beautification. 
  • Organised a 'Green Week' focusing on promoting sustainable living among students. 

Academic achievements 

  • Graduated with First Class Honours. 
  • Received the 'Best Dissertation' award for research on urban gardening solutions. 


  • Expertise in plant care and landscape design 
  • Strong knowledge of organic and sustainable gardening practices 
  • Proficiency in the use of gardening tools and machinery 
  • Excellent communication and team leadership skills 
  • Ability to conduct educational workshops 
  • Time management and project planning 
  • Creative problem-solving abilities 
  • Adaptability to changing weather conditions and gardening challenges 


  • RHS Level 2 Certificate in Practical Horticulture, Royal Horticultural Society, 2020 
  • Certificate in Landscape Design, British Academy of Garden Design, 2019 


2022, Innovator in Sustainability, British Gardening Awards 


Member of the Royal Horticultural Society since 2019 

  • Delivered a talk on "Urban Gardening for Biodiversity" at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2023. 


  • English—Native 
  • Spanish—Fluent 


  • Volunteering at local parks to assist with the maintenance and development of green spaces 
  • Running a blog focused on sustainable gardening solutions, engaging with a community of over 5,000 subscribers 

How to write a gardener CV

Crafting a gardening CV involves strategically showcasing your horticultural skills, experiences, and the unique value you bring to the position. With the right approach, you can cultivate a document that effectively demonstrates your suitability for the role.

  • Personal statement:

Develop an engaging personal statement for a CV that encapsulates your professional background, project involvement, key achievements, and career aspirations, emphasising how you align with the hiring organisation's needs.

  • Job description:

Tailor your work experience to underline your expertise in gardening, successes, and pertinent roles using the PAR methodology. Under each role, list between three to seven points that reflect your responsibilities and achievements. If you worked mostly on a freelance basis or as a contractor, consider writing a skills-based CV.

  • Education:

Highlight your educational background with sections that detail relevant academic qualifications using the format "[Degree Classification] [Degree Name] (Year Graduated) at [Educational Institution]." If direct gardening experience is limited, complement with achievements, extracurricular involvements, and noteworthy competencies. Of course, you don’t necessarily need to obtain a university degree to work in a gardening role. But if you want to advance your career, then in-depth knowledge of horticulture can be beneficial.

  • Skills:

List relevant skills in your gardening CV, focusing on key soft skills and relevant tools that meet the employer's expectations. Certain gardening skills are especially in demand, such as environmental awareness, plant science, water management, soil science, and aquatic environments.

  • Additional sections:

Enhance your landscape gardener CV with sections that broaden its scope, such as awards, certificates, or languages, which all illustrate your multifaceted abilities and relevance to the gardening sector. When it comes to hobbies or interests, mention the ones that show your green fingers, such as cultivating your own home garden, growing vegetables, or learning about new trends in horticulture.

  • Cover letter:

A custom cover letter should accompany your gardening CV to highlight your distinct qualifications and sincere enthusiasm for the opportunity. Initiate with a summary of your experience and suitability for the position. Then, elaborate on your strengths and how you can contribute, concluding with a short statement of interest and an invitation to consider your application. Writing your cover letter and concluding it effectively can greatly improve the chances of landing a new job opportunity.

  • Format:

Fine-tune the layout of your gardener CV template with an emphasis on readability, choosing an appropriate font, and maintaining sufficient spacing. Also, use a file format that is friendly to applicant tracking systems, as some struggle with PDF files. 

Continue your professional growth and ensure your gardener CV showcases the best of your abilities and experiences. With careful preparation, you can sow the seeds for a successful career in gardening.

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Thank you for taking the time to read our guide on how to write a gardening CV. We hope you've found it insightful and practical. If you have any questions or would like to share your experiences, please use the comment section below.

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