1. Modern CV Templates for the UK That Do the Job

Modern CV Templates for the UK That Do the Job

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In the fast-paced world of recruitment, it’s essential that you stay fresh and up to date. Use a boring, old-fashioned CV, and you’re likely to be overlooked, regardless of how much experience you have. 

So we’ve put together this collection of modern CV templates for the UK to keep you at the cutting edge. Each one carefully designed to combine modern good looks with all the essential features you need to impress recruiters and stay one step ahead of the competition.

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Now, let's go to our curated list of 14 modern CV templates designed specifically for the UK job market. 

1. Orange creative

Create your CVmodern cv template

This modern UK CV template makes use of a warm splash of orange to give it a contemporary look. Splitting the candidate’s name into two different colours adds to the modern feel. And like all of the examples you’ll see, you can download this modern CV template in Word or PDF.

Highly recommended for an artist CV.

2. Light blue creative 

Create your CVmodern cv template

Our next modern CV for the UK market combines up to date looks with interview winning features. It’s neatly divided into three sections with a dark CV header, duck egg blue sidebar featuring the candidates personal details and CV skills, and a generous white column for the remainder of the CV sections. What’s more, it remains fully ATS compatible, so you won’t have any issues with it being rejected by the software used to scan incoming job applications.

Highly recommended for a warehouse operative CV.

3. Electric blue creative

Create your CVmodern cv template

Here’s a modern CV template that’s bound to spark some interest with it’s bright blue highlights. Eye-catching without being over the top, it maintains a classic CV layout and the full page width format allows plenty of room to fill in your work experience section

Highly recommended for a pharmacist CV.

4. Red modern

Create your CVmodern cv template

Red can be a tough colour to get right. Make it too bright and it can look aggressive but this modern CV template uses a dark shade of crimson for a professional toned-down look. And apart from the CV header the use of colour extends to section headings too, helping to guide the reader to important information. 

Highly recommended for a medical CV.

5. Creative green

Create your CVmodern cv template

According to colour psychology, green is considered to be calming and peaceful. So this modern CV template is a great choice for professions requiring a level head and caring demeanour and for the UK job market. And like all of our templates it’s super easy to use, just type your content into our CV builder and it does the rest, giving you perfect results every time. That’s something you won’t get with most free modern CV templates.

Highly recommended for a care assistant CV.

6. Blue modern header

Create your CVmodern cv template

Make a bold statement with this striking modern CV template for the UK. The broad blue header really makes your name leap off the page. After all a CV is essentially an advert promoting you as the product and this does a great job of emphasising your personal brand. It also features a full page width single column format, giving you plenty of room to fit all your content from your CV summary onwards.

Highly recommended for an administrator CV.

7. Blue modern accents

Create your CVmodern cv template

You’ve probably noticed we use a lot of blue in our modern CV templates for the UK job market. That’s because it’s been proven to be the world’s favourite colour, so it’s bound to have a wide appeal. It also conveys a sense of solid corporate dependability so it’s the perfect shade for use in job applications. This example balances a classic CV format with blue highlights for a sophisticated feel.

Highly recommended for a data analyst CV.

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8. Bold professional

Create your CVmodern cv template

The second half of our modern UK CV template list features a selection of monochrome examples. All of them prove that you don’t need bright colour to create an effective modern CV. This one is no exception. It uses an eye-catching large CV font to emphasise the candidate’s name and moves down to a body that’s a perfect balance between content and white space.

Highly recommended for a cleaner CV.

9. Centred executive

Create your CVmodern cv template

Subtle changes can make a big difference. In the case of this example it’s simply a case of centering the header to add visual balance. By contrast the section headings remain left-aligned and in a standard font size. These small changes help to transform it into a truly modern CV template. And like all of our examples, this one is a modern CV template for the UK market. Many free examples are in American resume format, which isn’t optimised for the British job market.

Highly recommended for a shop assistant CV.

10. Business professional

Create your CVmodern cv template

Another modern UK CV template that does exactly what it says on the tin. The clean lines of the CV header give it the feel of a slick corporate letterhead, so it’s a great choice if you want to give a professional impression.

Highly recommended for an account manager CV

11. Corporate business card 

Create your CVmodern cv template

Now we move from a corporate letterhead to a corporate business card. The bold header and clean lines create an easy-to-read modern CV structure & format that's reminiscent of a classic business card. A perfect modern CV template for candidates who want to appear well-organised and reliable.

Highly recommended for a digital marketing CV.

12. One page modern

Create your CVmodern cv template

You’ve probably guessed already, but this modern UK CV template is perfect for writing a one-page CV. It makes use of a CV format that maximises space while staying readable, so you’ll find it easy to fit in absolutely everything, even extra sections like hobbies and interests.

Highly recommended for an investment banking CV.

13. Professional minimalist

Create your CVmodern cv template

Minimalism and modern design go hand in hand, and this template is a masterclass in stripped back simplicity. No bells and whistles, but neatly arranged and structured for a stylishly spartan feel. 

Highly recommended for a video editor CV.

14. Simple scanner

Create your CVmodern cv template

This is our last modern CV template for the UK market and it certainly has a clever modern trick up its sleeve. By shifting the text alignment from left to centre to right it helps to guide the eye across the full page width from top to bottom. It’s all too easy for a busy recruiter to rush through and miss important info, but this example solves that problem well. 

Highly recommended for a PhD CV.

You don’t have to be a CV writing expert. In the LiveCareer CV builder you’ll find ready-made content for every industry and position, which you can then add with a single click.

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And that’s the last of our modern CV templates for the UK. If you’ve got any questions about them or about any other CV advice then please ask in the comments section and we’ll be happy to help.

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