1. What is a Visual CV? 14 Templates & Examples

What is a Visual CV? 14 Templates & Examples

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A good CV needs to incorporate experience, skills and compelling accomplishments, but they’re not enough to guarantee success alone. If you want to beat the competition, you need to present your professional clout in a way that’s visually appealing, too.

In this article, you will find an all-star cast of striking visual CV templates. Each blending a carefully structured appearance with all the essential elements for job-hunting success.

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Visual CV example

Jane Grey

Ph: 0777 777 7777

Email: jgrey_lcuk@gmail.com 

Conscientious administrator with 4+ years of experience of providing administrative support in the estate agency sector. Additional skills include the ability to produce creative property marketing material. Keen to deliver fast and effective support to the Robson’s Estates sales team in Putney.

Work Experience

Sales Administrator

Wexford Estates, Hammersmith

July 2016–Present

  • Created marketing materials for an average of 20 properties per month, correcting and editing copy written by agents for accuracy.
  • Managed a customer database with a rolling average of 2000 entries, ensuring compliance with GDPR and assisting with archiving old accounts.
  • Coordinated appointments with contractors including photographers and surveyors to minimise inconvenience to vendors.
  • Provided support to agents during busy periods, greeting buyers, registering their details and suggesting potential properties suitable for their needs.


A-levels: Art & Design, Italian, Accounting. September 2014–June 2016

West Hammersmith College, London


  • Software: Advanced user of Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Publisher
  • Web portals: Advanced user of PortalHub to aggregate all major property web portals
  • Copywriting: Able to write accurate and compelling copy for marketing leaflets and property portal postings
  • Diary management: Arranged appointments for agents, balancing busy timetables for maximum efficiency
  • Office management: Ordered supplies and dealt with supplier invoicing.


  • Italian—C2

Now here’s a selection of the best visual CV templates out there:

1. Red modern

Create your CV nowvisual cv

How important is visual appearance? One way to think about it is in terms of the amount of data our eyes receive. Incredibly, our eyes transmit data to our brain at roughly the same speed as an ethernet connection. Choose a LiveCareer CV template and you can be sure you’re giving the hiring manager the best visual CV data possible. And this example is no exception. Starting with a bold red CV header for your personal details, it’s an instant win in terms of visual impact.

A good choice for a graduate CV.

2. Light blue creative

Create your CV nowvisual cv

This should be your choice if you need to make a creative yet professional visual CV impression. Your personal details and CV skills section are placed into a duck egg blue side column, leaving plenty of space everything else in the main body of your CV. And like all of our templates, it’s incredibly easy to work with. Just enter your content into our CV builder and it does all the hard work for you, giving you perfect results every time.

A good choice for a graphic designer CV.

3. Blue modern header

Create your CV nowvisual cv

This visual CV template is particularly impactful with it’s broad blue CV header stripe. It’s a shade that according to colour theory is associated with calm and tranquillity. So it’s an excellent choice for jobs where level-headedness is a desirable quality. It also uses a one-column format, so you can use the full width of the page to write your CV summary and other content. And if you need to change the names of your sections or make other tweaks it’s easy. Just make the changes in our builder and they’ll be implemented instantly, all while leaving the CV layout absolutely perfect.

A good choice for a retail CV.

4. Electric blue creative

Create your CV nowvisual cv

As you can see, we use blue a lot in our visual CV templates, and that’s deliberate. It’s widely considered to be the world’s favourite colour, so it’s bound to please the highest number of people. This time we’ve increased the voltage with bright electric blue accents, a sure-fire way of giving your job application a jolt of energy. 

A good choice for a receptionist CV.

5. Blue modern

Create your CV nowvisual cv

For the last of our blue-themed visual CV templates, we’ve struck a happy medium with a shade that sits nicely in the middle. Adding colour to the CV section headings is one of the simplest ways of adding visual interest. Note how easy it is to scan through and find what you need. It’s simple for the recruiter to go straight to the CV work experience section for example. And when you use our builder you’ll get expert tips to make your CV writing experience even easier.

A good choice for a waitress CV.

6. Orange creative

Create your CV nowvisual cv

If blue leaves you feeling cold then try out a warm orange visual CV example like this one. All it takes is that simple juicy orange stripe to turn an otherwise plain template into something special. And underneath, a perfectly arranged CV structure with all the necessary elements for a perfect UK CV format.

A good choice for a customer service CV.

7. Creative green

Create your CV nowvisual cv

Green has lots of positive associations. Growth, life, abundance and refreshment are just a few, so it’s a powerful addition to a visual CV template. This example has another handy little trick up its sleeve in the form of a two-column CV skills section, so it’s a great choice for careers with a long list of professional requirements.

A good choice for a project manager CV.

8. Simple scanner

Create your CV nowvisual cv

This visual CV template is lacking colour but that doesn’t make it any less effective. This example actually makes a direct impact on the reader’s vision. The way the text alignment flips from left to centre to right mimics the way we read text so you’re almost forced to take in all the content instead of going for a quick skim. It’s a simple change to the CV font format that makes a big difference.

A good choice for an architecture CV.

9. Professional minimalist

Create your CV nowvisual cv

Even a minimalist CV design can still have a strong visual impact. Everything you see is perfectly structured and laid out from the CV profile down to the skills section. And that’s important, many visual CV samples for free download don’t follow a standard UK CV layout. Ours do, so you can be sure you’re giving recruiters everything they expect.

A good choice for a bartender CV.

A strong CV summary will convince the recruiter you’re the perfect candidate. Save time and choose a ready-made personal statement written by career experts and adjust it to your needs in the LiveCareer CV builder.

Create your CV nowcv builder

10. Corporate business card

Create your CV nowvisual cv

Take a look at this visual CV template and you’ll see it’s similar to a corporate business card with its simple use of fine lines and capitalised text to highlight the section headings. Its simple design means it’ll also look great printed on paper.

A good choice for an account manager CV.

11. Business professional

Create your CV nowvisual cv

Just a little tweak on this visual CV template but one that gives it a clean and professional look. Setting right alignment for the CV header gives it the look of a corporate letterhead. Definitely a good choice for submitting a job application in more conservative business sectors.

A good choice for a pharmacist CV.

12. Bold professional

Create your CV nowvisual cv

A more contemporary visual CV sample here. It’s the monochrome version of the first template on our list. Clever pairing of bold and standard weight fonts in the header gives it a more modern look than some of other simple visual templates. 

A good choice for a support worker CV.

13. One page modern

Create your CV nowvisual cv

This visual CV sample functions exactly as it names suggests. It’s been designed so you can easily fit all of your experience in a one-page CV. It has a compact CV header that’s perfectly positioned to give you that much needed page real estate. 

A good choice for a teacher CV.

14. Centred executive

Create your CV nowvisual cv

Now for the last of our visual CV examples. It uses a centred CV header to make a simple yet effective change to the template’s appearance. And when you use our builder you’ll get all sorts of helpful auto-suggestions to cure your writers block. So it’s not just visually impactful, it’s easy to write too.

You don’t have to be a CV writing expert. In the LiveCareer CV builder you’ll find ready-made content for every industry and position, which you can then add with a single click.

Create your CV nowcv builder

And we’re done. Thanks for reading. If you’d like to know more about our visual CV examples or our CV builder then please ask in the comments section, and we’ll be happy to help.

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