14+ Blank CV Templates for the UK to Download in PDF & Word

So you’ve found the perfect job, meticulously researched it, and polished your CV content to a mirror shine. You’re almost there, but without a good CV template, it’s like a painting without a frame. Luckily we’re going to help you complete your masterpiece with a blank CV template that’s recruiter approved for job-hunting success.


We have 14 blank CV templates in a variety of styles for you to fill in, download, and print. So let’s fill in the blanks and get started with our list of examples.

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Blank CV template sample


Passionate programmer and A-level student seeking to gain hands-on experience with Luxsoft’s legendary games development team. Firm believer in the power of gaming to transform traditional media. Eager to learn from the best and see what makes Luxsoft one of the biggest players in the industry.




A-levels: Art & Design, Computer Science, Pure Mathematics. September 2019–June 2021 (expected graduation date)

Green Leaf College, London


GCSEs. 9 subjects including Maths and English. September 2017–June 2019

Westbridge Academy, London


Work Experience


Volunteer IT Assistant

Age Care UK, Clapham

January 2020–Present

  • Provided volunteer IT assistance to the elderly including basic training with Android devices and laptops.
  • Assisted with local authority digital inclusion programme, helping clients access services.
  • Created Facebook posts to encourage community engagement with the Clapham Age Care branch, leading to 10 requests for volunteering opportunities.




  • Image editing
  • Social media
  • Teamwork
  • Written communication
  • Java
  • Python


Hobbies and Interests


  • Raspberry Pi enthusiast with a passion for creating projects in Java & Python


OK, now you know what makes a good CV! Here's a selection of blank CV templates curated just for you:


1. Orange creative


Create your CV nowblank cv template


Our first blank CV template features a warm splash of orange for an instantly inviting feel. The CV header then does a great job of highlighting the candidate’s personal details by splitting their name into grey and black font. Moving down it follows a generous one-column CV format with lots of space for content. That’s then balanced by a generous use of negative space, the unmarked areas of the page that improve readability. We’d recommend giving it a try for a retail CV.


2. Light blue creative


Create your CV nowblank cv template

 This blank CV template definitely lives up to its name, with a creative and striking layout that balances design with formality. The CV skills section has been moved into the side column underneath the personal details. An interesting twist to standard CV layout. With such a well-designed format we’d recommend it for a graphic designer CV.


3. Red modern


Create your CV nowblank cv template


Now for something a little more bold. This CV blank template has made use of red for a more dramatic feel. Red is a powerful colour and can seem aggressive if it’s too bright, but we’ve used a more subdued tone to keep it professional. It also gives you plenty of room to fit in all your content, all the way down to your CV education section. It’s an excellent choice for a marketing CV.


4. Blue modern header


Create your CV nowblank cv template


This example is the one for you if you prefer a more conservative colour scheme but still want to make a bold statement in terms of design. There’s no missing that broad blue CV header. And remember every example you see can be built with ease in our CV builder. You just input your details and the builder gives you perfect results every time. That’s something you don’t get with your average free blank CV template. This example is our pick for an architecture CV.


5. Electric blue creative


Create your CV nowblank cv template


Continuing with the blue theme, but this time with a brighter and more energising feel. Those neon stripes are guaranteed to get you noticed. And like every one of our CV examples it’s versatile too. You can download every Live Career blank CV template in PDF or Word format. And we’d recommend this example for a student CV.


6. Creative green


Create your CV nowblank cv template


Here we move to a green theme, with all its associations of freshness and growth. Like all of our blank CV templates it maximises space giving you plenty of room to create a one-page CV. We think the colour scheme of this example would make it a great blank CV template for school-leavers and also ideal for a graduate CV.


7. Blue modern accents


Create your CV nowblank cv template


 Back to blue now, which is actually one of the most commonly preferred colours in the world. The effect here is subtle, and is both conservative and calming. We understand that it’s tempting to find a free blank CV template to fill in, but many of these examples are poorly designed. They could be lacking essential information needed for a UK CV template or be unreadable for the ATS software that scans applications. With Live Career’s templates you can be assured that they’re computer-friendly and contain all the essentials. This example is universally appealing, and our pick for a career change CV.


8. Professional minimalist


Create your CV nowblank cv template


The next half of our blank CV templates list contains a more simple and minimalist set of examples. This one would be a great choice if you’re looking for a blank CV template to print with its crisp and simple layout. We think it would be perfect for a business analyst CV.


9. Corporate business card


Create your CV nowblank cv template


The serif CV font and neat, conservative layout of this blank CV template really does bring to mind a traditional business card. It’s another example that would look fantastic in print, and we think it would be ideal for a project manager CV.


10. Simple scanner


Create your CV nowblank cv template


Not all templates are created equal. This example does something that’s simply not possible with a poorly designed free blank CV template. It actually helps to guide the recruiters eye all the way across the page, making sure all your content gets read. See how the alignment changes from left to centre to right? You gaze can’t help but move across the page, taking in all of the job-winning content. Give it a try for a teacher CV.


11. Centred executive


Create your CV nowblank cv template


This blank CV template uses centre alignment for the CV header to give it a more modern feel. But there’s also a good separation of essential information, with a timeline for the work experience section and a two-column format for the skills section. We think it’d be particularly suitable for a web developer CV.


12. Bold professional


Create your CV nowblank cv template


Now for something a little more impactful and creative. It’s still monochrome, but this CV blank template uses bolded text to give added impact to the candidate’s name and other important pieces of information. We think its well-organised structure makes it perfect for an engineering CV.


13. Business professional


Create your CV nowblank cv template

 Here’s another good choice if you’re looking for a blank CV template print, with a simple format that would look amazing on paper. Using right-alignment for the CV header adds a subtle touch of design flair, giving a nod to UK cover letter format. We’d recommend it for a support worker CV.


14. One page modern


Create your CV nowblank cv template


The last of our blank CV templates is just right for creating a one-page CV. It places the candidate’s name right on top of the page and leaves ample space to comfortably fit everything on a single page. A good choice for a school-leaver CV, where sticking to one page is a must.


Thanks for reading. If you need more advice on choosing a UK blank CV template then please ask in the comments below, and we’ll be happy to help.

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