1. 11 Best AI CV Makers and CV Builders for 2024

11 Best AI CV Makers and CV Builders for 2024

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Many applicants fail to get their most desired jobs due to CVs not being tailored to the job profiles and not extracting their most valuable traits and qualifications.

Luckily, intelligent tools like AI CV makers can take half of this tedious work off your hands. I’ve listed the 11 best AI CV builders you can test and take on your next job search more confidently.

In this guide, you’ll find a quick overview of the features each AI CV builder offers. You'll also see how users evaluate AI CV generators and what they say about them (based on reviews). On top of that, you'll know if there is an equally good alternative to an AI CV writer, and how can you benefit from it.

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What is an AI CV builder?

An AI CV builder resembles a typical CV builder, but it’s enhanced with features that use Artificial Intelligence and natural language processing technologies. Like traditional CV makers, AI CV builders are designed to simplify and streamline the CV writing process, but they also provide some additional facilitation and functionalities. They might propose automated suggestions, content recommendations, and formatting assistance. Some AI builders can also analyse job descriptions and suggest keywords to include in a CV for better relevance.

11 best AI CV makers and CV builders

  1. Teal HQ: Best free plan
  2. Rezi.ai: Useful video tutorials
  3. Jobscan.co: Free CV scanning
  4. CV Genius: A wealth of templates
  5. Enhancv: AI-generated tailored suggestions
  6. Kickresume: Ready-made CVs
  7. Skillroads: Smart CV review
  8. Resumaker.ai: Pre-written examples
  9. Preppally: Expert recommendations
  10. Career.io: CV score
  11. HyperWrite: Multiple AI features

Without prolonging, let’s head on to the following selection of the best CV builders we found:

1. Teal HQ: Best free plan

Let’s start with Teal HQ, which surprised me with a very user-friendly design. Once you decide to sign up for their tool (which, as they say, is 100% free), they’ll display a box with a few questions regarding your career goals. They’ll ask, among other things, which position you’re applying for and how fast you want to land a job.

Now, let’s shed some light on their AI CV builder. First things first, you can use your LinkedIn profile or import your existing CV to create your document faster. You can also make a new CV from scratch if you don't have one.

The builder seems to be intuitive and easy to navigate through. While in the process of CV creation, you’ll see the page divided into two parts, with CV sections on the left and dedicated tips on the right.

Teal HQ provides advice in four different ways. Let’s take, for example, the work experience section. If you’re stuck in here and don’t know what to write about, you can:

check Suggestions on how to list your professional accomplishments, use Assistant that asks questions and provides achievement phrases based on your answers, view dedicated Examples, or see Prompts with job-related questions.

Work experience section in Teal HQ

I was also curious to examine how the Teal HQ deals with creating a CV summary. In my experience, it’s often hard to get a good one when using an AI-powered tool, as they’re quite mechanical and vague.

In Teal HQ, you can get your CV summary by putting at least a few pieces of data into the work experience section. The tool will generate a tailored summary by extracting 2 to 3 key accomplishments and turning them into your CV highlights. The summary will need some tweaks afterwards, but with some tangible data, it already looks professional.

These two sections are clearly supported by AI and expanded with dedicated guidance. The other ones look like they have to be filled manually. What’s also worth mentioning is that Teal HQ provides CV Analysis which helps to check your CV structure and keyword usage. The tool suggests what needs to be improved, so you’re good to go to put it into effect.

Lastly, Teal HQ offers four very simplistic CV templates that can be downloaded to PDF for free. Overall, I’d give it a strong note as it provides many useful features with minimal input and without extra charge.

A strong CV summary will convince the recruiter you’re the perfect candidate. Save time and choose a ready-made personal statement written by career experts and adjust it to your needs in the LiveCareer CV builder.

Create your CV nowcv builder

2. Rezi.ai: Useful video tutorials

The second tool I picked was Rezi.ai, which I’ve already mentioned in my free AI CV makers round-up. It seems quite popular amongst AI CV builders, so it deserves a spot on this list, too.

Like most AI CV makers, Rezi.ai allows you to import your existing CV or draw one from LinkedIn. In turn, if you’re creating your document starting from zero, it allows you to target your CV by specific position. Simply provide data such as the job title, company name, and job description, and it will serve you tailored prompts to fill in particular CV sections more easily.

Rezi.ai is packed with various CV sections, which, in my opinion, may somehow confuse a user, especially since some of them cover similar areas. 

This time, I decided to test the Project section to see how the AI enhancements could impact my experience with this particular tool. I’ve inserted some random data outlining an imaginary project, and this is how AI described it:

Projects section in Rezi.ai

Without further ado, the outcome was pretty good. The tool suggested some generic yet relevant descriptions, which, in my view, can be helpful when describing professional experience and having no clue how to approach it.

Their AI Writer enables you to regenerate suggestions several times to get different ideas for your descriptions. However, the tool will quickly inform you that you have exceeded the number of attempts, and you need to pay extra money to use the AI intelligence further.

What’s distinctive about Rezi.ai is that each section is enriched with a tutorial video in which an expert talks over its main premises. It somehow gives a feeling of real human interaction, which might be preferred over texting.

3. Jobscan.co: Free CV scanning

Jobscan.co is another AI-inspired tool you can check to make your CV writing faster and, hopefully, more effective. However, this time, I went for their CV scan function instead, as their CV builder doesn’t clearly benefit from Artificial Intelligence.

CV scanning is important for Applicant Tracking Systems, as it helps identify potential gaps between a CV and a job advert. Such findings help focus on specific shortcomings and secure your CV from rejection in the early recruitment stages.

The scanning function provided by Jobscan requires a simple copy-paste action. You just need to insert your CV content in one box and a job description in the other.

This is the exemplary result that I received after putting some data into it:

CV scanning function in Jobscan

The tool checks, among other things, some basic data like contact information as well as job titles and education matches. After a quick check, I noticed that some suggestions, like the one about incorrect job title, were misleading. The tool identified another job title mentioned in the job ad and interpreted it as the main one, which was a little failure.

Moreover, the tool provides soft skill and hard skill analysis and helps prioritize those appearing in the job ad. Last but not least, it scans the job ad with regard to other essential keywords that need to appear in your application to keep it ATS-friendly.

4. CV Genius: A wealth of templates

My next choice was CV Genius, a CV builder that is partially supported by AI. What caught my attention right away was its extensive selection of templates with easily adjustable colours.

When you decide to create a CV using CV Genius, you can either start a new one from scratch or upload your existing CV. The tool accurately reads and transcribes your document. If you're starting one from the beginning, choose a template, and you’ll be taken directly to the CV creator.

CV Genius features seven core CV sections but also allows you to add custom sections based on your preferences and candidate profile. The AI-supported functions facilitate the writing of the work experience section by providing pre-written bullet points. It can offer dozens of tailored, high-quality achievement examples depending on the profession.

See the preview below:

cv genius

Additionally, CV Genius can help you write your skills section, providing numerous skill suggestions according to your profession. It also offers a selection of ready-made personal statements tailored to various roles that you can use freely.

I also found it helpful that the tool suggests smart section extensions. For example, while writing your contact details section, you can expand it with additional information such as a driving license, nationality, professional website, LinkedIn, and more.

5. Enhancv: AI-generated tailored suggestions

Pick a resume template and build your resume in minutes, Enhancv says. Let’s check if we can get our CV that quickly and if we’re satisfied with the result.

If you create a CV with Enhancv, initially, you’ll be asked to provide your job title and pick one of the templates suited for the role. Once you select it, you’ll be taken to the builder, where you’ll see a generic template with some relevant data you’ve already provided.

I was curious to check how it writes the work experience section since it is where AI is often used and where it comes in handy.

Work experience section in Enhancv

Once you start creating your job description, AI will generate tailored suggestions based on your writing. As I noticed, some hints are not necessarily the exact matches, so generally, you get a number of generalised ideas about how to describe your previous role.

Unfortunately, this is the only CV section that draws from AI, so you can’t generate a complete CV relying solely on Artificial Intelligence. Other sections will require you to unlock your resourcefulness and creativity.

Besides, Enhancv provides spellcheck & grammar, nevertheless, you need to upgrade your account to see the exact mistakes and get detailed advice on improving them.

All in all, creating a CV in Enhancv will take a bit more than a couple of minutes, however, getting it to a PDF document for free is clearly an advantage. Furthermore, you can view their dedicated CV checker function, which provides an ATS parse rate. 

You don’t have to be a CV writing expert. In the LiveCareer CV builder you’ll find ready-made content for every industry and position, which you can then add with a single click.

Create your CV nowcv builder

6. Kickresume: Ready-made CVs

When discussing AI CV builders, it’s hard to skip Kickresume, a well-known brand among CV makers. But does Kickresume meet the challenge regarding the CV writing process?

Kickresume has two CV creation options: a standard and an AI-supported one. If you pick the one powered by AI, you’ll be taken to a dedicated AI Wizard to insert initial data like your name and job profession. You’ll also pick a template you want to make your CV on.

Here’s where you’re already provided with a ready-made CV adjusted to the job title you entered a while ago. You get a CV with a tailored personal statement, work experience section, and skills. I found hobbies generic and not in line with the profession I was interested in.

Here’s an exemplary work experience section you can get for an office manager position:

Work experience section in Kickresume

Of course, you can amend it in the editor by rewriting particular phrases or regenerating the whole content.

Personally, what I don’t like about Kickresume is that they consider skills and hobbies premium sections. That means you’ll have to pay extra money to include them in your CV.

Regarding AI services, Kickresume has one extra feature called AI Toolbox. If you’re a Premium user, you can run an advanced CV analysis. Plus, there’s also a Job Interview section where you can generate potential interview questions for a desired role.

And finally, you can download your CV in a DOC format free of charge. PDF will cost you extra money, but it will keep your formatting in check.

7. Skillroads: Smart CV review

Skillroads comes up with two AI-powered options: smart CV review and AI CV generator.

First, I’ve checked their CV review function, which covers 5 categories: ATS compatibility, CV sections, Accomplishments, Relevance, as well as First impression & contact information.

Smart CV review in Skillroads

The CV scanning takes up to a few minutes. After this time, you get an overall score for your CV, plus more detailed advice on the above categories. A tool might suggest improving your CV wording, removing or adding a specific section, applying more CV action words, or including a LinkedIn profile.

Overall, it works smoothly and might be helpful for those unsure if their CV meets the expectations, especially when considering a particular career level.

Now, let’s briefly examine their AI CV generator. Obviously, to run it, you’ll need to provide your contact information first. Then, it will guide you through a 6-step process, asking for a desired vacancy and a preferred employment type. Additionally, you will need to specify your professional knowledge and key skills, but it goes quickly as you get a number of tailored suggestions.

Waiting for a CV takes quite some time, and the final version needs extra tweaks. For example, I found the CV summary that it generated sloppy and laconic, with inappropriate sentences like I have just recently entered the workforce.

8. Resumaker.ai: Pre-written examples

Number 7 goes to Resumaker.ai, which has quite a nice library of different CV templates, but limited CV formatting options.

Resumaker uses a built-in AI engine that provides tailored suggestions based on a user’s input but doesn’t generate a comprehensive CV. It can help you particularly when writing your personal statement, work experience section, and skills, providing recommendations based on specific positions. 

So, for example, here are the exemplary skills it generated for an office manager CV:

Skills section in Resumaker

All in all, Resumaker can take some of the hard work out by giving pre-written examples and tailored suggestions, however, it will push you to fill in the data yourself. Nevertheless, a ready-made CV sample generated by a full-featured AI CV builder requires further edits, too.

9. Preppally: Expert recommendations

Preppally offers quite a wide range of career AI tools. Besides a CV AI tool, they developed Career Path AI that helps candidates discover new career opportunities based on their experience.

To use the Career Path tool, you must provide basic preferences for your future role. As a result, it will generate a list of companies that match your aspirations, with links to their websites.

If it comes to the AI CV tool itself, you can’t test it with all its functionalities for free. However, you can access its trial version on the Preppally’s main page. This is how it looks:

Work experience section in Preppally

This free generator lets you test the AI tool in making job description bullets. Once you insert an exemplary achievement, it will recommend rephrasing it. As you can see in the example, it suggested adding a tangible result to this CV bullet.

Another great feature offered by Preppally is their AI-powered LinkedIn Elevator Pitch. All you need to do is answer a couple of questions about your previous experience, largest professional achievement, and passions, and it will generate a tailored LinkedIn description for free.

As a side note, they have a variety of Career Programs that help you understand the recruitment process better and prepare for your next interview.

Lastly, you must buy some AI Credits to explore the tool further and fully use its functionality.

10. Career.io: CV score

Career.io is another tool you can use to get rid of some of your CV writing problems.

Similarly to Resumaker, it produces some pre-written phrases you can incorporate into selected CV sections. Plus, you don’t have to leverage them fully. Instead of taking whole blocks of text, pick the phrases you like the most and insert them into your CV to sound more natural.

Personal statement in Career.io

What’s really helpful is that the tool works in 33 different languages that you can select right at the builder's top. Such facilitation might be especially useful for job seekers who apply for jobs in other countries and are unfamiliar with a foreign language.

On top, you’ll also see your CV score with relevant suggestions regarding what you should add to your application to make it more comprehensive.

CV score in Career.io

If you consider using Career.io, keep in mind that it entails some extra costs. The only complimentary CV format offered is TXT which is simply insufficient.

11. HyperWrite: Multiple AI features

Though HyperWrite isn’t a typical AI CV builder, it might be helpful on the way to getting your CV professional and polished. It has a vast portfolio of AI writing tools for different purposes. Among other things, you'll find a content rewriter, a universal translator, a job elevator pitch generator, and a CV updater.

When in the process of CV creation, you might be tempted to test their Flexible AutoWrite, which can generate some copy according to your demands. For example, I’ve asked to prepare a personal statement for an office manager role:

Flexible AutoWrite in HyperWrite

I’ve also set smarter and shortform options to tailor my expectations better. Here’s what I received as a result:

Personal statement in HyperWrite

Overall, it generated quite a compelling personal statement that will obviously need some further tweaks. Optionally, you can use their Magic Editor, which provides AI-powered text editing for better clarity, tone, and style.

I was also interested in checking their CV updater, designed to review an existing CV and make improvements according to a job description. Previously, I’ve researched similar tools; however, they either didn’t work or worked poorly.

The CV updater provided by HyperWrite generated an improved CV based on the copy I uploaded; still, I didn’t notice any significant changes in my document.

HyperWrite services are worth testing, especially if you want to beat writer’s block, which is a common challenge when making a CV. Within their Free package, you get 15 generations and 15 rewrites per month for free, so it’s worth trying.

How does LiveCareer compare to the best AI CV makers?

As you can see, the choice of AI CV makers is quite big. And obviously, you can test various tools to check which generator works best for you. Nevertheless, when using AI tools for CV creation (or, more broadly, writing), you must know it will require further edits and adjustments. Artificial Intelligence can be helpful, but it can’t exactly resemble our natural human language.

These are possible obstacles you can run into when using an AI CV maker:

  • Generic content
  • Formatting errors
  • Misinterpreted data
  • Very simplified templates
  • Limited free usage

The world is moving forward with the development of technology, but the technology itself isn’t foolproof. Alternatively to an AI CV maker, you can use a professional CV builder that requires your input but provides enough guidance to make your CV writing a gratifying process.

A trusted CV maker like LiveCareer is supported by expert knowledge that complies with the current HR requirements and reflects up-to-date industry norms and trends. 

Here’s how LiveCareer tackles the above difficulties:

  • Tailored suggestions: LiveCareer avoids generic content and provides tailored and accurate suggestions for the most common UK professions. Expert tips help you approach specific CV sections with the right knowledge and confidence.
  • Top-notch formatting: LiveCareer pays much attention to formatting, ensuring your document looks professional and represents your qualifications best. Plus, you can choose from multiple CV formatting options to make your CV look visually appealing.
  • Accurate data: Our tips and recommendations are made by career experts with years of experience in the field. Hence, you can be sure your CV meets UK standards and supports your candidature. Not the other way around.
  • A great choice of templates: LiveCareer offers 30 different templates and styles to enhance the visual part of your CV. We pay attention to a CV design as we pay to its substantial part.
  • Multiple features: LiveCareer provides numerous features and CV recommendations to level up your application, and they don’t entail extra costs. All CV sections are free, and you get dedicated guidance to make them more effective.
  • Unlimited edits: Writing a CV is a complex process, and we want you to be satisfied with the final result. In the LiveCareer CV builder, you can keep editing your document until you feel ready.

On top of that, LiveCareer offers numerous free articles on CV writing, so you can make yourself an expert, too. Plus, you can create a matching cover letter to strengthen your application and increase the chances of being hired.

So? Would you give it a try?

I hope this article helped you to gain some knowledge about AI CV makers you can find online. If you have any questions or doubts regarding the AI in the CV writing process, let me know in the comments. I’ll be happy to help.

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