1. Best CV Writing Services in the UK [+ Key Highlights]

Best CV Writing Services in the UK [+ Key Highlights]

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In the digital age, where first impressions are mostly made on screens rather than face-to-face, a well-written CV has never been more important. But what if penmanship isn’t your best giftedness?

Consider using CV writing services. From clear and logical CV structures to competency highlights, they can help you self-present in the competitive job market with effect.

This guide will show you the best CV writing services in the UK (according to myself), a list of professional CV writing services with pros and cons, and how to choose the best one for yourself.

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Not sure how a CV writing service works? Check this concise definition before you dig into the list of the best CV writing services in the UK.

What is a CV writing service?

A CV writing service is a service or software that assists individuals in creating or polishing their CVs. They employ professional writers and career experts trained to craft tailored and impactful CVs. Such services often include writing a CV from scratch, editing, and consulting.

A strong CV summary will convince the recruiter you’re the perfect candidate. Save time and choose a ready-made personal statement written by career experts and adjust it to your needs in the LiveCareer CV builder.

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Now, let’s get straight to selecting the best 8 CV writing services you can use to turn a daunting CV preparation project into a guided and streamlined experience:

8 best CV writing services

1. LiveCareer UK

LiveCareer logo

Considering the best CV writing services in the UK, LiveCareer takes the lead with 14+ years in the industry and 10+ million happy jobseekers to its credit. Behind the LiveCareer brand, there’s a team of seasoned career experts, professional writers, and HR specialists ready to help you thrive in the job market.

Whether making your CV from scratch or looking to polish the existing one, LiveCareer CV builder lets you do both. The intelligent builder guides you through the 6-step CV writing process, supporting you with recommended phrases and hints to bolster your document.

Additionally, it offers a range of 40+ CV templates that can be easily tailored to varied professions. Not only do you get a wide choice of CV layouts to help keep formatting in check, but you also get a selection of colours, fonts, and additional formatting adjustments to make your CV shine in minutes.

To be fair, let’s evaluate the pros and cons of LiveCareer:


  • A broad selection of CV layouts: From simplistic, through classy, to modern templates, the builder helps you make your best pick and get your CV a neat and appealing look. Want to be the only designer of your CV? Couldn’t find it better.
  • Custom-tailored suggestions: No matter the job you’re applying for, the builder delivers helpful suggestions for tailoring your CV to the most common UK jobs. While you know your professional path best, we deliver the resources to showcase it most effectively.
  • First-rate formatting: How many times have you cursed the writing documents while editing, realising they have spoiled hours of work? Worry no more. Our CV creator keeps formatting in check, and you eventually need to press space or enter from time to time.
  • Unlimited edits: A CV is a detailed document that requires a watchful eye. First, to remain compatible with the job ad and be easily scanned by ATS; second, to look clean and readable. In the LiveCareer builder, you get endless edits before you decide every comma is on the spot.


  • No consulting services: Unfortunately, no dedicated service would prepare the whole document for you. At the same time, we believe you’re the best narrator of your story, and we only add some extra tips to get through the writing process more easily. However, you can always check the CV Help or Career Advice tab for extra guidance.

2. PurpleCV

PurpleCV logo

Do you feel stress is tying your hands and blocking your writing flow? Outsource your CV writing to PurpleCV. Within their career writing services, you get a specialist writer to work on your CV based on the provided data. Moreover, you receive 24/7 customer service for instant check-ups on your CV writing progress or ad-hoc questions.

There are 8 different packages offered by PurpleCV, starting from £50 and suited to various career stages. For an additional charge, you can add extras to your order, such as a LinkedIn profile, cover letter, or printed CV copies.

From what I understood, PurpleCV doesn’t use CV templates and delivers a simple CV output in either Word or PDF format.

Let’s summarize its advantages and disadvantages:


  • Full writing service: Your CV will be written based on your former application or the information scope you provide to the PurpleCV service. It won’t require your involvement further in the process, except for pinpointing the desired edits and adjustments.
  • 24/7 customer assistance: Forgot to mention the successful software project you executed in 2022? Not sure whether to write about your rugby pastime? You can contact PurpleCV customer service 24/7 to discuss doubts regarding your final document.
  • Time-saving: You’ll usually get your first CV draft within two days. If you need your document ready sooner, you can use an express service and get the draft within 24 hours (considering a higher fee).


  • Zero templates: You can’t pick any templates, either ahead or in the CV writing process. If you want your CV to be more than a black & white document, you must copy-paste the final result and format your application yourself.

3. CV Writings

CV Writings logo

CV Writings is the UK’s popular CV service, offering various writing and editing packages. You can build a thoroughly professional image without a finger lift; from a CV and cover letter writing through LinkedIn to a compelling website profile.

There are three main packages ranging from £40 to £120 and a list of services with varying prices depending on the delivery time. For example, you can get a ready-made CV as an entry-level professional for £60 within one day. You can also pick tailored services such as engineering, marketing, or academic CV writing.

Check the pros and cons of CV Writings:


  • Tailored solutions: By picking a specific CV type, you can be sure the CV writing process will be directed toward your chosen goals. Furthermore, you’ll be asked to pick a template to make your document visually appealing.
  • Multiple offerings: CV Writings offers a really wild selection of services, including covering selected CV parts like personal statements. If you're confident in your current CV but would like to make some tweaks, opting for a selective service might be a good option.


  • Pricy picks: If you’re short on time, making a standard CV document will cost you £80. Of course, the longer the lead times, the lower the prices. A CV written by CV Writings’ experts and delivered within 1 week is worth £45.

4. myperfectCV

myperfectCV logo

MyperfectCV ranks among the UK's most popular CV writing services. The builder is simplistic, and it works just like the majority of CV makers out there. You can either use it to edit an existing CV or write a completely new document.

The process encompasses six simple steps that walk you through the most prominent CV sections. Due to its low complexity, myperfectCV shouldn’t cause any trouble while completing the data and forming your final document. During the wrap-up step, you’ll get a chance to play with templates, colours, CV fonts, and sizes to make your final CV document pleasing to the eye.

Have a look at the myperfectCV highlights:


  • Simplicity and speed: If you have basic knowledge about CV writing, using this builder to create your CV should be trouble-free. Additionally, you'll likely have your CV ready sooner than if it were written by someone else.
  • Suggestions for improvement: Once saved, your CV will be scored in terms of completeness, typos, word choice, length, etc. This quick assessment will help you further improve your document and increase your chances of being spotted.


  • Little guidance: If you’re new to the CV writing craft, you might be unsure about your choices. The bad news is that this CV writing service provides little guidance and advice.

5. ResumeLab UK

ResumeLab logo

Have you ever dreamed about your own laboratory as a child? That’s great because with the ResumeLab CV writing service, you can conduct your very own CV laboratory test. Wondering what would happen if you, let’s say, combined the Enfold template with Noto Serif font and green colouring? Test it out.

ResumeLab offers plenty of CV formatting options to engage you in the writing process. However, it's not just the CV design features that we recommend it for. It’s also easy to navigate, provides useful tips and hints, and makes the entire laboratory experiment easily downloadable. Who wouldn’t want to share their discoveries with a broader audience?

Let’s have a closer look at the pros and cons:


  • A wealth of formatting options: Working on a visual part of a CV is the most engaging part of the process. Testing all the graphic options seems fun, but ultimately, what matters the most is how the CV impacts the reader. With ResumeLab writing services, there’s no doubt you’ll end up with an eye-catching CV product.
  • Easy navigation: This professional CV writing service is extremely intuitive, thus, you can feel like a CV writing expert even if you’re not one. Making up a professional CV document within minutes? It doesn’t get any easier.
  • Quick cover letter match: Finished with the CV? Consider completing your application with a well-crafted cover letter. Seems like a daunting task? It shouldn’t. In the ResumeLab CV builder, cover letter writing is just another quick step before you press Download and get your package ready to hit the job market.


  • Requires time & effort: Though this CV writing service shouldn't keep you grounded in front of the computer for several hours, it won’t prepare your document in 5 minutes either. With an incredible variety of choices, you’ll simply end up switching between each of them, willing to test all the possibilities. And we understand that.

6. The CV Centre

The CV Centre logo

The CV Centre seems to be another human service, but I can’t guarantee it (might be that a team of space folks will prepare your CV). View their CV-only cosmic offerings, anyway—they start from £40. You can also check bundle offers, including LinkedIn profile and cover letter writing. Their prices range from £85 to £190.

The team is divided into junior, senior, and premium writers. While Junior CV writers are skilled in CV writing, they aren’t available for consultations. Senior writers are best suited for tailoring CVs toward a niche, and premium writers are dedicated to senior positions like CEOs and directors. Mind that choosing a particular professional will entail different costs.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of the cosmic CV Centre:


  • Industry-based CV writing: CV Centre boasts of having experts specialising in different industries. This allows them to tailor CVs highlighting the candidate’s most significant career milestones.
  • Example preview: Before entering into collaboration, you can review their former CV projects on the CV Centre website. As they claim, all the examples are powerfully worded and fairly optimized for selected keywords. What deserves a mention is that all of them look aesthetically pleasing and make a good first impression.


  • Lack of individual touch: Though you can order a CV aligned with your vision, customisation options are limited. You can’t, for example, use your preferred CV template as a foundation for the document. It’s great to have someone lend a hand, but sad to say, it often lacks our own individuality and character.

7. Zety UK

Zety logo

Shouldn’t I mention Zety first? It’s another famous brand among professional CV writing services, known as a prompt and easy CV builder with various eye-pleasing templates. Zety writing services satisfy users from different continents and countries, including UK-based jobseekers.

Besides its simplicity, Zety guides you through the writing process with expert tips and tailored suggestions. Thanks to its flexibility, it is gladly chosen by people aspiring for diverse roles and professions.

Check Zety’s highlights below:


  • Template mastery: Zety has diverse CV designs, with top picks used by over a million users among them. You can choose from professional, elegant, creative, and modern CV templates and add some personal flair to them by changing colours, fonts, and other elements.
  • Easy revisions: If you don’t want to do the whole CV in one go, you can always save it for later and get back to it easily once inspired by enthusiasm and creativity.
  • User-friendliness: Zety is said to be excellently easy, even for those who aren’t tech-savvy. The entire CV preparation process is smooth and doesn’t require technical knowledge. Plus, you can expect Zety to provide real-time, accurate feedback and suggestions to enhance your CV content (e.g., expert-recommended skills examples).


  • Surfeit of options: While exploring a chosen template, you might notice that you can organise the CV sections yourself. If you’re a beginner, you might be unsure whether to put your skills section first or last. In such a case, you can study Zety guides on CV writing available within the CV Help section.

8. TopCV

TopCV logo

Is TopCV really top? Well, it can be tested within three customised packages ranging from £99 to £219: Starter, Premium, and Ultimate. The cheapest bundle includes keyword optimization, formatting, and extra access to career tools and resources.

To start, share your professional journey by answering a set of questions. The system will pair you with a writer who possesses industry-specific knowledge and is right just for you. Following the initiation of collaboration, soon, you’ll receive an initial CV draft ready for further improvements.

All sounds good? Make sure by checking these TopCV pros and cons:


  • Reputation: TopCV is the preferred CV-writing partner for many job boards, partly due to its history of satisfied clients.
  • Professional crew: TopCV boasts of having a network of more than 1000 writers, including certified career coaches, hiring managers, and professionals specialising in tens of different industries.


  • Expensive packages: Though we don’t doubt the TopCV expertise, their packages might not be affordable for everyone, especially those in unfavourable financial situations.

What is the best CV writing service?

What’s the best CV writing service is determined by various factors. It will depend on your budget, industry-specific requirements, and individual preferences. Nevertheless, when selecting the ideal service package, consider these key qualities:

  • Time-saving: Look for services that accelerate the CV writing process. Search specifically for platforms and websites offering brief questionnaires or instant consultations to order your document promptly.
  • Quality writing: Evaluate the level of expertise first. Unfortunately, there are many so-called experts whose writing is far from perfect. Find the company that can ease your job search by showcasing your biggest talents, not the other way around.
  • Keyword optimization: A professional CV writing service will be confident about optimising your CV for ATS reasons. In the digitalized world, ATS takes higher priority than nicely described work experience.
  • Design adjustments: Review writing services that offer design flexibility and aren’t afraid to experiment with modern layouts. A compelling CV reads well but also looks impressive.

Leaning towards writing a CV yourself? Study these guides:

You don’t have to be a CV writing expert. In the LiveCareer CV builder you’ll find ready-made content for every industry and position, which you can then add with a single click.

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I hope this article helped you research the best CV writing services. If you have questions or struggle to find a professional CV writing service, share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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