1. CV AI: Should You Use AI to Write Your CV?

CV AI: Should You Use AI to Write Your CV?

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AI has been on everyone’s lips recently. It wasn’t long before the idea infiltrated the HR field and began to be used by employers and job seekers. But is it always trustworthy?

Let’s take CV writing. Though some people enjoy reflecting on their accomplishments, others find CV writing stressful and daunting. If you fall into the second group, you’ve probably considered AI to write your CV. Before you stake everything on one card, let us clear the doubts about a “CV AI.”

This guide will show you:

  • Is an AI CV maker really able to improve your CV.
  • How to benefit from using AI for CV writing.
  • Should you fully rely on an AI CV writer when making a CV.

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Can an AI CV maker improve your CV?

AI influences our world in numerous ways and has the potential for more innovations and improvements. Here in the UK, its potential is valued so highly that it prompted the development of AI-based national strategies to transform various industries.

AI tools use intelligent, trained models designed to perform tasks and solve problems. However, AI draws from limited data, so we can’t assume it knows everything. For example, if it comes to CV writing, AI can’t be the sole source you rely on.

While AI models can assist you in creating a more polished and effective CV, they can also harm your document, making it too generic or faulty. That said, your CV needs a manual review to represent your experiences and qualifications accurately.

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How to use an AI CV writer to create a compelling CV?

You already know that expecting AI to write your CV from the ground up isn’t a good idea. However, a few selected CV sections might benefit from AI’s erudition. 

These are the areas in which AI can upgrade your CV:

Writing a personal statement

Job seekers might have various reasons for not being fond of writing personal statements for their CVs. For example, some may lack confidence in their writing abilities or worry about not doing themselves justice. Crafting an enthralling personal statement requires good marketing skills; otherwise, it doesn’t motivate a reader to study a CV further.

The good news is that you can use AI’s intelligence to create an engaging personal statement. You’ll need to enter your request into a chosen tool and input relevant information such as your profession, educational background, key accomplishments, and career goals.

Moreover, you can ask AI to answer in a preferred tone and style. For example, if you want your personal statement to sound very formal, state it. In turn, if you prefer your personal profile to be more creative and even in a loose tone, you can emphasize it, too.

Describing work experience

You’ve probably heard here and there that the work experience section is a grade-one priority in a CV. It’s where you highlight your former accomplishments and prove that you fit a given role.

But there’s something more to the career history section that you can’t skip. It is often recommended to fill it with relevant keywords, so your CV passes the ATS scanning positively and gives proof that your experience matches the actual expectations. 

When tailoring your CV for a specific job application, use AI to identify relevant keywords from the job description and incorporate them into your CV to align with the employer’s requirements. 

Simply copy-paste the job description from the ad, and ask AI to craft a dedicated work experience section based on this data. You’ll save time and ensure your application is tailored to the job advert.

Generating professional skills examples

Writing a concise and substantial skills section can be equally easy and difficult. On the one hand, you might have many ideas on showcasing your rich skill set and impress a recruiter. On the other hand, it’s easy to unnecessarily stuff your CV with too many abilities and traits that overwhelm a recruiter and, hence, have the opposite effect.

So, how can AI help in crafting your skills section? Firstly, AI will generate suggestions for skills based on your job history and industry. This way, you will identify skills you may not have considered before. Secondly, and even more importantly, AI will analyse job descriptions or industry-specific terminology to identify accurate keywords and skills in demand for your desired role. As a result, you’ll get a customized skills section that prioritizes the most relevant information.

Filling out added sections

Going through most of a CV’s sections can be so exhausting that you almost get fussy about writing additional sections at the end. While some candidates might want to omit extra sections, these extras provide additional context to your CV and evidence of your qualifications and experiences.

If you need ideas on what to include in the added sections of your CV, use AI to provide some creative thought. It will generate specific examples of how to approach additional sections to make them advantageous instead of redundant.

For instance, if you’re a medical student writing your first medical CV, you can ask AI for added sections ideas. It will tell you to consider including medical research projects, medical clubs, or student organizations or listing medical conferences and workshops. And that’s already something.

CV AI: What are the pros and cons?

Let’s talk more about AI’s advantages and disadvantages. For starters, here's a breakdown of AI’s positives:


  • Time efficiency: Making a perfect CV takes a lot of time, which is a well-known fact, especially for those who spend hours and days polishing their applications. AI can significantly reduce the time (and effort, too) required to create a satisfying CV document.
  • Customization: If you look at the twentieth job ad and see words and letters swimming around the page, AI might help you understand it and extract the most essential information. It will also suggest content adjustments based on the job description to tailor your CV.
  • Improved grammar: Many AI tools for creating and optimizing CVs contain grammar and spelling-checking features. They help to identify and correct grammatical errors, punctuation mistakes, and spelling mistakes to improve the overall quality of your CV.
  • Content suggestions: Writing doesn’t have to be your strongest suit; you might even experience some inaction and feeling stuck when creating your CV. Again, AI can generate content suggestions for particular CV sections, making it easier to articulate your thoughts.
  • Language translations: Experiencing writer’s block is one thing. Not knowing what to write in a foreign language is the other. If you’re applying for jobs in different languages, AI can assist in translating your CV into the preferred language.
  • Keyword optimization: You can contest with AI to spot the right job keywords and use them for your CV, but it will do it much quicker. AI will analyse job descriptions and suggest the keywords you should include in your document, aligning them with the specific requirements.

While you might value some of AI’s merits, it’s reasonable to be aware of its limitations and potential flaws:


  • Possible inaccuracies: Though AI takes from a wide range of data, at some point, it is limited. Since AI relies on what it has been trained on, it may not accurately interpret or summarize your information (qualifications, experiences, or other particulars).
  • Generic content: AI tends to follow beaten paths, so it won’t hit you with highly creative text proposals. A well-written CV needs a persuasive narrative, so you’ll have to amend it to give it a humane touch and instil a more flowy vibe.
  • Language shortcomings: Some AI-generated content sounds unnatural and mechanical. Moreover, AI models can introduce biases into your CV’s language, making it unprofessional. Again, a human proofreader will be more than required to achieve a compelling and personalized CV here.
  • Over-optimization: AI tends to focus on keywords for ATS optimization, diminishing the importance of creating content that engages the reader. A well-written CV balances keywords with natural language, keeping it functional and impressive.
  • Lack of context: Sometimes, AI may fail to understand the context of your professional experience and qualifications thoroughly. This results in inaccurate job descriptions that omit relevant details and contexts of your former roles and duties. Not to mention cultural sensitivities.
  • Complexity struggles: AI may struggle to represent complex experiences accurately. For example, it might not effectively address career gaps, job transitions, or other untypical changes and activities in your work history, pushing you to write extra explanations.

My conclusion is that AI works best if you balance it with your individual input. Though it can provide some valuable suggestions regarding your CV writing, it can never be considered a substitute for human judgment and knowledge. Most often, you’ll need to tweak the generic content you get from an AI tool, and you’ll have to contextualize the data that you receive.

Is there a free AI tool for making a CV?

Besides chatbots, there are dedicated AI-powered tools for making a CV, some with free offerings. However, free CV AI tools might have limited features compared to premium options. They often enable access to a few CV templates, basic CV formatting options, and limited customization. 

Though AI-based CV makers can help you with most of the mundane work a CV creation entails, you need to remember that it doesn’t give you a final, polished version of your document. You or a professional CV writer must review and edit the final draft to ensure accuracy and personalization.

Alternatively to CV AI tools, you can always opt for a more traditional CV builder offering professional, aesthetically pleasing templates with numerous customization options. Such tools guide you through the process of CV creation, so it’s no longer a daunting task.

All you need to do is put your information in the right boxes, and the tool will do the rest. It will retain formatting in check and provide additional tips on improving your CV’s section to make it shine.

Can ChatGPT write a CV?

Yes, ChatGPT can write a CV based on the information you provide it with. For example, if you ask it to prepare a CV for an office manager, it will generate a CV outline suitable for this role. However, mind that ChatGPT isn’t omniscient, so you’ll have to work further on your AI-generated CV to make it more tailored and reflect your qualifications and strengths better.

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Should you use an AI CV maker to write your CV?

All in all, using AI to create your CV doesn’t have to be a misfire if you approach it with prudence and a dose of distrust. Undoubtedly, AI can streamline the CV-making process by quickly delivering various pieces of content. 

However, I recommend using it as a starting point for your perfect CV. The ideal CV piece reflects all your unique qualifications and traits, is tailored to the job ad, and uses language that persuades and evokes some emotions. Ultimately, your CV gets just one single chance to be noticed and qualify you as a potential candidate for the role.

We hope that this article answers all your questions about CV AI. If there’s anything you would like to add or contribute with, let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear from you.

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