1. How to Use ChatGPT to Write Your Cover Letter in 2024

How to Use ChatGPT to Write Your Cover Letter in 2024

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Few people enjoy writing their CVs, but writing a cover letter is universally more hated. But you still need to have it. So why not ask ChatGPT to write your cover letter?

This can be a huge time saver if done right. What is “right,” you ask? Read on, and you’ll learn all about the ins and outs of how to get ChatGPT to write a cover letter.

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How to write a ChatGPT cover letter

Mastering ChatGPT for your cover letter requires adept handling, and the output quality hinges on the precision of your prompts. A flawed input will result in a flawed output. To use ChatGPT for cover letter writing, you need a meticulous, step-by-step approach. In this section, you’ll gain insights on how to write a great cover letter with ChatGPT.

1. Prepare your personal information

Before crafting a ChatGPT cover letter, you must lay a solid foundation with well-organized information. After all, without knowing who you are and what you’ve done, ChatGPT can’t write an effective cover letter. Here's a detailed breakdown to ensure you're adequately prepared:

Personal details

You need to address the cover letter. Ensure your contact information is up-to-date. Include your full name, address, phone number, email, and, optionally, LinkedIn profile. Additionally, prepare the name and title of your recruiter and the address of the company you’re applying to.

Professional background

Work experience is key, not just on your CV but also on your cover letter. Compile a chronological list of your previous positions, including job titles and company names. Next, outline the key responsibilities and achievements for each role. Identify notable projects or tasks that demonstrate your skills.

Educational history

If you’re writing a cover letter without experience, you can’t manifest career achievements from thin air. In that case, document your academic journey, noting the institutions, degrees earned, relevant coursework, and academic achievements such as internships or university projects.

Hard & soft skills

Identify important soft skills for the workplace, such as communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and adaptability, as they are critical in the 21st century. Also, make a list of hard skills that you have and are required by the company.

The job posting

The job ad is a treasure trove of important job-specific keywords, responsibilities, required skills, and even the company’s values. ChatGPT needs this information to create a tailored cover letter.

By methodically organising this information, you streamline the ChatGPT writing process and gain a clear overview of your qualifications. This approach enhances the efficiency of the AI-generated content, producing a cover letter that reflects both your uniqueness and suitability for the desired position.

2. Write a detailed prompt

Once armed with your professional details, the next step is formulating a nuanced prompt for your ChatGPT-generated cover letter. Here's an in-depth guide to mastering this step:

Prime the prompt

Tell ChatGPT that you want it to write a cover letter for a specific job at the specific company. This is basically your end goal. Many people end their prompting right here, which results in poor-quality cover letters.

Provide context

You need to use the gathered information. Paste the job description from the posting and ask ChatGPT to write a cover letter that targets this position.

Next, input the personal information that you previously prepared. Your work history, education section, and other vital skills. An easy way is just to input your entire CV. But remember that you should still add other achievements to the cover letter to avoid repetition. A cover letter must be a separate document, not a rewrite of your CV.

Let’s see an example. A finalised prompt for a ChatGPT cover letter for a senior marketing specialist might look something like this:

You’re applying for the role of senior marketing specialist at [Company name]. Here is the job posting for the role: [Pasted job posting]. And here is my current CV: [Pasted CV]. Write a cover letter introducing your expertise in devising data-driven marketing strategies, showcasing your campaign management adeptness, and underscoring your passion for innovative marketing approaches. Include notable achievements and explain how your distinct skills make you the perfect candidate for this role.

Of course, this will not generate a 100% perfect cover letter. The output will have to be edited and infused with your personal touch. We’ll discuss this step next.

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3. Edit and personalise the output

With the AI-generated content in hand, the next phase involves sculpting and imbuing it with your unique personal touch.

Begin by reading the ChatGPT-written cover letter carefully. Focus on coherence, relevance, and the overall narrative flow. Look for areas that sound vague and assess if the content aligns with your career trajectory. Next, you must replace generic placeholders with specific details about your achievements, experiences, and aspirations. If ChatGPT generated some achievements, evaluate if they mirror your actual accomplishments.

Personalised content resonates more effectively with the reader. Infusing your ChatGPT cover letter with your unique voice ensures authenticity and sets you apart from other applicants. Tailoring the content with your personal touch goes beyond showcasing skills; it reflects your cultural fit within the organisation. By aligning the content with your values and aspirations, you communicate that you are qualified and attuned to the company's mission and vision.

To help you visualise, suppose the AI generates: "I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to [Company Name]."

  • Generic Output: "I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to ABC Corp."
  • Personalised Edit: "I am excited about the opportunity to contribute my strategic marketing expertise to help ABC Corp exceed its financial goals."

4. Apply it to a cover letter template

When you use ChatGPT to write your cover letter, it will do so, but it won't generate a template for it. Cover letter templates make sure your cover letter has a clear structure. They organise it neatly so that whoever reads it can follow along easily, from the start to the end. 

Choose a template that suits the kind of job you're going for. For example, a simple cover letter template is a good choice for a corporate job, while a more creative template can benefit an artist. Most importantly, ensure your CV template and cover letter templates match.

You don’t have to create any content yourself. The LiveCareer cover letter maker will automatically suggest the best content for your cover letter with ready-made examples and expert tips.

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Tips for a strong ChatGPT cover letter

What we mentioned above is enough to have ChatGPT write a good cover letter, but there are still some tips you can use to improve it even further:

Break it down into smaller chunks

Instead of overwhelming ChatGPT with a lengthy prompt, break it into smaller, more specific questions. This helps in generating focused and precise responses. This means you’ll ask it to write each part of your cover letter separately. An approach like that also helps you edit the document, as you’ll be working with smaller chunks of content.

Specify the length from the start

Make it clear to ChatGPT the desired length of your cover letter. For example, if your aim is to generate a short cover letter, tell ChatGPT to aim for 200 words. It may not always reach the exact number, but it will try its best.

Ask to include or exclude specific words

Direct ChatGPT by specifying powerful action words you want to be included or excluded. This ensures your cover letter reflects the tone and vocabulary you prefer. This is especially useful if you notice that ChatGPT’s keyword targeting wasn’t satisfactory. It’s crucial since your application will likely be scanned by an ATS algorithm

Have ChatGPT provide feedback and edit your cover letter

Once you get the initial draft, use ChatGPT for feedback. Ask it to review and suggest edits to enhance clarity, coherence, and overall effectiveness. It won’t replace feedback made by an actual human, but the AI can still make some interesting suggestions for its own generated output.

Your final ChatGPT cover letter might look like this:

ChatGPT Cover Letter Sample

Rosie Bryant

82 North Road

Nettleden, HP1 6GR


078 8037 9791


Adam Langler

The Home Office

59 Old Edinburgh Road

Belhaven, EH42 3PG

Dear Mr. Langler,

I am writing to express my sincere interest in the Senior Marketing Specialist position at The Home Office. With my 5+ years as a Marketing Manager and great achievements such as orchestrating multi-platform digital, TV, and audio campaigns that contributed to a $15M increase in revenue, I am confident I can contribute significantly to your company.

Throughout my time as a Marketing Manager at Rasle Bopp Inc., I successfully led three teams of marketing associates in planning and executing over 40 campaigns across various sectors, including banking, automotive, and CPG. Notably, I identified untapped markets for a stagnant pizza chain, resulting in a 20% increase in brand awareness and a 9% boost in revenue. My adept leadership skills were further demonstrated by implementing Agile methodologies, reducing marketing costs by 10%, and decreasing campaign time-to-market by 25%.

In addition to my hands-on experience, I hold an MBA in digital marketing from Bowling Green State University, where my Master's thesis on SEM marketing was recognized in ReadWrite. My commitment to ongoing learning is demonstrated by my membership in the American Marketing Association (AMA) and my role as a mentor to 20 marketing managers.

I am excited about the opportunity to contribute my skills in campaign planning, stakeholder management, and budget oversight to the Communications Directorate at The Home Office. I am confident that my expertise in data-driven marketing strategies, campaign management, and innovation aligns seamlessly with the challenges and objectives outlined in your job description.

Can we schedule a call to discuss how my skills and experiences can contribute to the impactful work carried out by The Home Office?


Rosie Bryant

Should you use ChatGPT to make your cover letter?

Let's weigh the pros and cons of using ChatGPT to write your cover letter.

Pros of a ChatGPT cover letter

  • Time efficiency: ChatGPT can quickly generate a draft, saving you time in the initial writing process.
  • Creative input: It adds a creative touch to your cover letter, offering unique perspectives and suggestions.
  • Multiple attempts: You can iterate and generate multiple versions, exploring different styles and tones.
  • No writer's block: ChatGPT can help break down the initial barriers of starting your cover letter. Say goodbye to writer's block.
  • Broad vocabulary: It provides access to an extensive vocabulary, ensuring a diverse and rich language in your letter.

Cons of a ChatGPT cover letter

  • Generic output: The generated content might lack specificity, and you risk creating a generic cover letter, even after several tries.
  • Editing challenges: The generated text might need thorough editing for coherence, relevance, and accuracy. Some people also struggle more with editing than writing.
  • Potential misinterpretation: ChatGPT might misinterpret certain nuances, leading to unintended meanings in your cover letter.
  • A lot of preparation time: Even though ChatGPT can generate a cover letter in mere seconds, the amount of time spent gathering information, constructing a working prompt, and refining the output may not always result in time saved.

ChatGPT can be a beneficial tool that helps you write your cover letter, but it’s not a fix-all solution. No matter how great your generated output might be, you must assess it personally and even ask for outside feedback.

Since more and more people use AI to aid with their job search, now it’s even more imperative you personalise each application to avoid sending a generic ChatGPT cover letter the recruiters may throw away.

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A cover letter alone simply won’t be enough—you need an impactful CV, too. Create your CV in minutes. Choose a professional CV template and quickly fill in every CV section using ready-made content and expert advice.

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Now you know how to have ChatGPT write a cover letter. If there’s anything else you’d like to know about ChatGPT cover letters, please let me know in the comments section. I’ll be happy to help.

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