Should You Put Your Date of Birth on Your CV? Examples

Why should you not include your date of birth on your CV? Putting your date of birth on your CV will always cost you something in the form of wasted space. But it also carries hidden costs that you might not have considered before, like the risk of being discriminated against or facilitating discrimination.


Read on to see a CV example that’s better than nine out of ten out there, and with no date of birth in sight. Find out when you should put your date of birth on a CV (and how to do so) as well as all the reasons for not doing so by default.


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No date of birth on CV: sample


Tegan Porter

078 8888 8888


Personal statement


Proactive and highly motivated administrative assistant with 5+ years of experience working for SMEs in the automotive and logistics industries. Looking for opportunity to boost productivity at Hefty’s Storage through efficient admin support. Recently analysed office supply costs at Igloo Logistics over a 3-month period and reduced expenditure by 20% by avoiding last-minute, small-scale orders.


Work experience



Igloo Logistics, Leeds

February 2018–present

  • Processed over 20 VAT invoices a day before handing off to the company accountant.
  • Used simple macros to automate order-related data entry, saving over 4 hours a week.
  • Updated filing system for a 10% increase in time-efficiency and 40% less paper usage.
  • Received bonus and raise for bringing extra value to the company and keeping costs down.


Administrative Assistant

Geller’s Automotive, Bradford

May 2015–January 2018

  • Reduced costs by 35% when making regular travel arrangements for the company owner.
  • Cut errors in sales and lease contracts by 33% by automating the data-entry process using the Mail Merge function.
  • Responded to 99% of emails within 4 business hours.




A-levels: Anthropology, English, History, 2012–2014

Stallman High School, Leeds


8 GCSEs (including Mathematics and English), 2010–2012

Stallman High School, Leeds




  • Teamwork: always worked well as a part of small, tight-knit teams.
  • Typing: average 74 words per minute under test conditions.
  • Physical filing: easily adapted to new filing systems and archival procedures.
  • ICT-based filing: over 5 years’ experience with various solutions including network drives, web-based platforms, databases and intranets.
  • Scheduling: successfully coordinated the schedules of four members of upper management at any one time.
  • Office Suites: confident, intermediate-to-advanced user of LibreOffice and Microsoft Office suites, including for the creation of complex spreadsheets and documents as well as presentations and simple databases.




  • French – B2
  • Spanish – B1




  • UK Driving Licence – Categories A & B


1. Should I put my date of birth on my CV


No, you do not need to put your date of birth on a CV. Not only do you not need to, but you actively shouldn’t. Unless you’ve been asked to, of course.


There are jobs that require you to be over 18, so it makes sense to include your date of birth on those CVs. There are also adverts that ask applicants to give their age or date of birth on their CV with no reason given — one has to assume their intentions are pure, given the fact of anti-discrimination legislation.


You might even be able to benefit from including your date of birth on your CV when you suspect a given employer prefers people from a certain age group. Some work is better performed by people of a certain age than others. 


But ultimately, you should not include your date of birth on your CV if you can at all help it. There are some obvious reasons for this, like the fact that you risk being discriminated against or that you’ll end up with a CV that’s that much more cluttered. And then there are the far less obvious reasons—read on.


A modern CV header with no date of birth included


Tegan Porter

078 8888 8888


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2. Why you should not put your date of birth on your CV


Age is a ‘Protected Characteristic’ according to the Equality Act 2010. Discriminating against someone on the basis of their age is prohibited by the Act. You can assume that people generally act in good faith, but still it’s best not to expose yourself to risk unnecessarily. Leave your age out of the equation.


What is more, a date of birth on your CV shows that you’re out of touch. This is one of those less obvious disadvantages of including your date of birth on a CV. Whatever the other arguments for or against putting a DOB on your CV, the simple fact of the matter is that it’s just not the done thing any more.


3. When do you need to put your date of birth on a CV?


So you know that it’s best avoided if at all possible, but when do you need to put your date of birth on a CV? If you’re applying for a job that requires applicants to be over 18, then a date of birth might be a good idea. Although it’s no more ‘proof’ then a simple statement like ‘I am over 18 years old’.


Some employers will simply require you to give your age or date of birth without explaining why. If it’s a concern to you, then you could certainly ask them why they need this information. Otherwise, if everything seems above board then there’s no reason not to put your date of birth on your CV in such cases.


Date of birth on CV example


Tegan Porter

Phone: 078 8888 8888



DOB: 28 January 1996


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4. How to include your date of birth on your CV


The most logical place to include your date of birth on your CV is in the CV header, where your contact details are located. Put your date of birth last, after your contact details. It used to be that a range of personal details would go here, but these days it’s reserved for contact details, profile links, etc.


There’s no one format for either the label (‘Date of Birth’, DOB, etc.) or the actual date. It’s best to use a label of some kind, though—otherwise an orphaned date might cause some confusion for your reader. Format your date using any of these layouts:


Date of birth format


Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet


5. Other things to consider before clicking send on your CV


Not including a date of birth on your CV isn’t the only way you can bring it into the 21st Century. Keep in mind the following basic formatting rules:

  • Use subheadings and white space to clearly divide your CV into sections
  • Use a modern and professional font like Noto, Garamond, Arial, or just leave the default Liberation or Calibri. Keep the size at 11–12 points.
  • Save/export and attach your CV as a PDF file unless explicitly asked for something else.
  • Aim for a maximum of one page per decade of experience, staying under two pages regardless for most jobs.


Proofread and check your CV and cover letter for spelling and grammar mistakes. Then check them again. Get someone to look over them for you if you can—it’s absolutely vital that anything you submit be flawless. It’s not a matter of having good English skills but rather attention to detail and conscientiousness.


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Has this article answered your questions? I hope so. Please let us know in the comments section below if you’d like me to elaborate on anything I’ve touched on here. And of course leave any comments, feedback or advice of your own that you’d like to share.

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